KIT_AURIX_TC234LP_TRB is a versatile tool, providing quick access to the capabilities of TriCore's powerful architecture. The evaluation board also includes several sets of development tools, which are stored on the included Evaluation Board CD-ROM. The Kit allows easily the development of TriCore applications with the corresponding tools.

MCU Derivate: :  TC22xL
CPU Clock: 200 MHz

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Summary of Features

  • Infineon’s AURIX TC234 in TQFP-144 Package with 0,4mm pitch
  • FlexRay Transceivers
  • Safety device (optional)
  • High Speed CAN Transceivers
  • USB to UART bridge
  • Ethernet Gigabit PHY(dependant of assembled Controller)
  • Serial Eeprom
  • LIN Transceiver
  • Crystal 20MHz (default) or External Clock
  • USB miniWiggler JDS for easy debugging
  • 8 Low Power Status LEDs
  • 8-DIP switches for configuration
  • access to all pins of controller
  • 100mm x 160mm (EURO-Board)
  • optional power supply via USB

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