Introduction to the AIROC™ CYW20829
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Introduction to the AIROC™ CYW20829 Bluetooth® LE MCU

Webinar Date: On-demand

Infineon is launching its new AIROC™ CYW20829 Bluetooth® LE MCU, a full-featured Bluetooth® LE v5.4 device with best-in-class RF performance, security, and energy efficiency. The CYW20829 is a powerful and versatile device built to meet the needs of modern design solutions targeted for industrial, smart home, health, gaming, and PC accessory applications among others.

In this webinar, we will provide an overview of the CYW20829's key features and specifications, and of the development resources and support available to help you get started with it.

Join us and learn how the CYW20829 can take your next Bluetooth product to the next level.

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