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Driving the OBC revolution with innovative power switches

Driving the OBC revolution with innovative power switches

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Join our 2nd webinar out of a 2-part series (for 1st webinar scroll down). Our experts will give you an in-depth look into the newly introduced CoolSiC™ Automotive MOSFET 750 V G1 family. Tailored to on-board chargers, HV-LV DC/DC converters or battery disconnect applications, it is a complementary addition to Infineon's existing silicon and silicon carbide automotive MOSFETs from 600 V up to 1200 V.

The CoolSiC™ Automotive MOSFET 750 V G1 is available in TO-247-4, D2PAK-7, and JEDEC-approved QDPAK TSC packages. It revolutionizes designs by creating simple, robust, efficient, and high-quality systems.

Key takeaways:

  • Get to know the  CoolSiC™ Automotive MOSFETs 750 V: Learn about the superior performance and efficiency of these cutting-edge SiC MOSFETs, and how they can benefit a wide range of automotive applications. These SiC MOSFETs offer exceptional thermal performance, high power density, and enhanced robustness.
  • Top-side cooling as a disruptive trend in the automotive market: Traditionally, MOSFETs have been cooled through the bottom side of the package. We will make you discover the advantages of top-side cooling. 
  • Optimizing Automotive power conversion systems with CoolSiC™ Automotive MOSFETs 750V: Discover how you can optimize our automotive power conversion system with CoolSiC™ Automotive MOSFETs 750 V and achieve maximum efficiency as well as cost optimization.

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1st webinar of 2-part series


Giulia Civiletto, Product Marketing Specialist

Product Marketing Specialist responsible for setting the product roadmap and long-term strategy for new product development for on-board chargers and DCDC applications for electric vehicles. Giulia conducts market research and develops go-to-market strategies to communicate the value proposition of Infineon's offering.

Uwe Kirchner, Business Development

Responsible for new application fields regarding energy transition topics. Focus topics are charging infrastructure and electrical energy storage.