Affordable excellence: 320 W AC-DC reference design combing high performance and affordable cost

Infineon’s REF_LLC_BUCK_4CH_320W is a 320 W AC-DC reference design based on a PFC + LLC combo controller from a single integrated circuit in a single package (the ICL5102). The design offers excellent power factor levels with active power factor correction (PFC) and high peak efficiency of 94% by resonant topology.

The 320 W reference design is implemented with constant voltage (CV) output. It outputs a constant 73.5 VDC with a wide load range of 0 to 4.35 A. The control circuit can be re-designed for CV/CC control for battery charging. Please contact our local Infineon representative for design support.

The implementation and component selection are optimized for low cost BOM. The system reference design is, however, highly versatile, allowing designers to achieve either higher cost performance (e.g. using MOSFET with higher RDSon) or high-power density by component selection (e.g., upgrade to GaN is possible).