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Combining excellent performance and ease-of-use


CoolMOS™ P7 is designed to address typical challenges in the low power SMPS market, by offering excellent performance and ease-of-use, enabling improved form factors and price competitiveness. The SOT-223 package is a cost effective one-to-one drop-in alternative to DPAK that also enables footprint reduction in some designs. It can be placed on a typical DPAK footprint and shows comparable thermal performance. This combination makes CoolMOS™ P7 in SOT-223 a perfect fit for its target applications.


700V and 800V CoolMOS™ P7 are optimized for flyback topologies. 600V CoolMOS™ P7 is suitable for hard as well as so switching topologies (Flyback, PFC and LLC).


Summary of Features:

Best-fit performance superjunction technology

  • Enabling lower MOSFET chip temperature
  • Leading to higher e iciency comparedto previous technologies
  • Allowing improved form factors and slim designs


Cost-effective package solution

  • Drop-in replacement for DPAK atcompetitive cost
  • Space savings in designs with lowpower dissipation; enabling smaller form factors
  • Comparable thermal behavior to DPAK


Best-in-class price/performance ratio

  • Attractive price position for high performance technology

Target Applications:

  • Consumer applications
    • charger
    • Adapter
    • TV power supply
    • Lighting

A new benchmark in efficiency and thermal performance


800V CoolMOS TM P7 series is a perfect fit for low power SMPS applications by fully addressing market needs in performance, ease-of-use and price/performance ratio. It mainly focuses on flyback applications including adapter and charger, LED driver, audio SMPS, AUX and industrial power. 


This new product family offers up to 0.6 percent efficiency gain and 2°C to 8°C lower MOSFET temperature compared to its predecessor as well as to competitor parts tested in typical flyback applications. It also enables higher power density designs through lower switching losses and better DPAK R DS(on) products.


Overall, it helps customers save BOM cost and reduce assembly effort.

Summary of Features:

  • Best-in-class FOM R DS(on) * E oss; reduced Q g, C iss and C oss
  • Best-in-class DPAK R DS(on) of 280mΩ
  • Best-in-class V (GS)th of 3V and smallest V (GS)th variation of ± 0.5V
  • Integrated Zener diode ESD protection up to Class 2 (HBM)
  • Best-in-class quality and reliability
  • Fully optimized portfolio


  • 0.1% to 0.6% efficiency gain and 2°C to 8°C lower MOSFET temperature as compared to CoolMOS™ C3
  • Enabling higher power density designs, BOM savings and lower assembly cost
  • Easy to drive and to design-in
  • Better production yield by reducing ESD related failures
  • Less production issues and reduced field returns
  • Easy to select right parts for fine tuning of designs

Target Applications:

Parametric IPN80R4K5P7
Package   SOT-223
VDS  max 800.0V
RDS (on)  max 4500.0mΩ
Polarity   N
ID  max 1.5A
Ptot  max 6.0W
IDpuls  max 2.6A
VGS(th)  min  max 2.5V  3.5V
QG   4.0nC 
RthJA  max 160.0K/W
Operating Temperature  min  max -55.0°C  150.0°C
Pin Count   3.0Pins 
Mounting   SMT
Qgd   1.8nC 

Data Sheet

Title Size Date Version
1 MB 29 Jun 2017 02_00

Product Brochure

Title Size Date Version
2.7 MB 27 Apr 2017 02_00
1.5 MB 09 Jun 2016 06_16

Application Notes

Title Size Date Version
7 MB 25 Jun 2015 01_00
880 KB 14 Aug 2014 01_00
1 MB 01 Nov 2012 01_00
2 MB 01 Dec 2016 01_00
701 KB 30 Nov 2015 01_00
1.1 MB 22 Aug 2017 01_00

Product Brief

Title Size Date Version
281 KB 22 Aug 2017 01_00
350 KB 18 Aug 2017 01_00

Application Brochure

Title Size Date Version
199 KB 18 Sep 2017 02_00

Product Selection Guide

Title Size Date Version
521 KB 10 Oct 2016 01_00
22.2 MB 21 Feb 2017 00_00
298 KB 08 Sep 2016 01_00
211 KB 10 Oct 2016 01_00
3.5 MB 15 May 2017 01_00
264 KB 10 Oct 2016 01_00
310 KB 10 Oct 2016 01_00
Sales Product Name IPN80R4K5P7
Product Status active and preferred
Order online Buy online
Package Name PG-SOT223-3
Completely lead free no
Halogen free yes
RoHS compliant yes
Packing Size 3000
Packing Type TAPE & REEL

Simulation Models

Title Size Date Version
673 KB 22 Aug 2017 02_00

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