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Save space, minimize losses, boost efficiency



Dual FET power stage in a single leadless SMD package integrates the low side and high side MOSFET of a synchronous DC-DC converter into a 5.0x6.0mm² package outline. Designers are able to shrink their designs up to 85% by replacing two separate discrete packages such as SO8 or SuperSO8 with this new package.

Both, the small outline and the interconnection of the two MOSFETs within the package minimize the loop inductance which boosts efficiency. With the new OptiMOS™ technology power stage 5x6 achieves a peak efficiency of 93.5%. power stage 5x6 can handle an application current up to 30A.

Product portfolio power stage 5x6

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  Schottky body diode 1) BV DSS (V) R DS(on) @ V gs =4.5 max Q g tot @ V gs = 4.5 typ
      High Side Low Side High Side Low Side


Y 25 5.9mOhm 1.6mOhm 7.7nC 25.0nC


N 25 4.8mOhm 1.7mOhm 7.7nC 25.0nC


Y 30 7.0mOhm 2.1mOhm 5.8nC 21.0nC


Y 30 7.0mOhm 3.7mOhm 5.2nC 12.2nC

BSC0924NDI 2)

Y 30 7.0mOhm 5.2mOhm 5.2nC 8.6nC


N 30 6.4mOhm 6.4mOhm 6.7nC 6.7nC

1) Monolithic integrated Schottky-like diode

2) Evaluation board available:  XMC™ digital power explorer kit

Features Benefits Target applications
  • Asymmetric halfbridge in a small package outline 3.0x3.0mm² / 5.0x6.0mm²
  • Best-in-class on-state resistance
  • Low profile: power stage 3x3: 0.8mm, power stage 5x6: 1.0mm
  • Internally connected low-side and high-side (lowest loop inductance)
  • Optimized thermal design with a larger exposed die-pad for the low-side MOSFET
  • Optimized pin-out
  • Multiple sources
  • Compact and simplified layout for a DC-DC converter
  • Optimized layout with lowest loop inductivity
  • Highest efficiency
  • Partcount reduction (compared to 2 single devices)
  • Environmentally friendly


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Product Brief

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738 KB 01 Nov 2012

Product Selection Guide

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Application Notes

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Application Brochure

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Additional Product Information

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Evaluation Boards

Board Family Description Status
KIT_XMC_DP_EXP_01 Gate Driver, Microcontroller, MOSFET The new XMC™ digital power explorer kit utilizes Infineon’s industry leading XMC™ range of ARM® Cortex®-M microcontrollers, OptiMOS™ BSC0924NDI MOSFETs and IRS2011S high and low side drivers. The kit’s power board features synchronous buck converter with on-board resistive load banks.
  • BSC0924NDI
  • IRS2011S
  • XMC1302-T038X0200 AB
  • XMC4200-F64K256 AB
active and preferred
eLearning Datasheet explanation

Datasheet parameters and diagrams explanation - how to use them in applications

Reading datasheets is sometimes a challanging task. In this training some important datasheet parameters and diagrams are explained more in detail.

Infineon's Power MOSFETs Power Block Versus Power Stage 5x6

Infineon's power MOSFETs Power Block versus Power Stage 5x6

This video covers a comparison between Infineon’s Power Block and power stage 5x6 packages. Two leadless SMD package comprising the low-side and high-side MOSFET of a synchronous DC-DC converter into a 5.0x6.0mm2 package outline.

Length 3:02

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