OptiMOS™ Linear FET 100V/150V/200V

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Combining a low RDS(on) with a wide safe operating area (SOA)



OptiMOS™ Linear FET is a revolutionary approach to avoid the trade-off between on-state resistance (R DS(on)) and linear mode capability – operation in the saturation region of an enhanced mode MOSFET. It offers the state-of-the-art R DS(on) of a trench MOSFET together with the wide safe operating area of a classic planar MOSFET.


This product is the perfect fit for hot-swap and e-fuse applications commonly found in telecom and battery management systems. OptiMOS™ Linear FET prevents damage at the load by limiting high in-rush currents.

Key features Key benefits Applications
  • Combination of low R DS(on) and wide safe operating area (SOA)
  • High max. pulse current
  • High continuous pulse current
  • Rugged linear mode operation
  • Low conduction losses
  • Higher in-rush current enabled for faster start-up and shorter down time



Safe operating area (SOA) comparison

Whilst the OptiMOS™ 5 100V, 1.7mΩ power MOSFET has a safe operating area of 0.5A, the OptiMOS™ Linear FET version at the same R DS(on) offers a much wider SOA of 11.5A (@ 54V, 10ms).


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OptiMOS™ Linear FET 100V shows an R DS(on) reduction of up to 58% when compared to the next best alternative. Furthermore, a wider SOA measured at 48V to 56V – a typical output voltage range of telecom systems – is achieved.

OptiMOS™ Linear FET is available in three voltage classes – 100V, 150V, and 200V – in either D 2PAK or D 2PAK 7pin package.


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Product portfolio OptiMOS™ Linear FET 100V, 150V and 200V 

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 Voltage class [V]

Package Product type

R DS(on) (max.)

@ V GS = 10V [mΩ]

SOA @ 56V, 10ms [A]


D 2PAK 7pin


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1.7 10.2


2.0 10.2


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3.3 7.0
150 D 2 PAK


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4.8 10.8


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8.3 5.6
200 D 2 PAK


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11.0  8.7

*coming soon

Product Brief

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Application Notes

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Product Selection Guide

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Application Brochure

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Additional Product Information

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  eLearning Datasheet explanation

Datasheet parameters and diagrams explanation - how to use them in applications

Reading datasheets is sometimes a challanging task. In this training some important datasheet parameters and diagrams are explained more in detail.


OptiMOS™ Linear FET - combining a low R DS(on) with a wide safe operating area

This video provides an overview of the new OptiMOS™ Linear FET, which offers a combination of the low R DS(on) of modern trench MOSFET with the wide safe operating area (SOA) of planar MOSFET.


OptiMOS™ Linear FET is ideally suited to telecom and battery management applications.


eLearning OptiMOS™ Linear FET - marketing training

This eLearning provides an overview of the new OptiMOS™ Linear FET, a revolutionary concept, which enables a low R DS(on) together with a high linear mode capability. The product portfolio is ideally suited for telecom and battery management applications.


eLearning OptiMOS™ Linear FET - technical training

In this training the technical principle of OptiMOS™ Linear FET power MOSFETs is explained and the key differences from the standard trench MOSFETs are shown.


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