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Performance and design possibilities in hard switching applications



The new OptiMOS™ 300V MOSFETs from Infineon, incorporating fast diode technology, are especially optimized for body diode hard commutation. Infineon again sets a benchmark with this additional voltage class, extending the OptiMOS™ product portfolio from 20V up to 300V.


OptiMOS™ 300V devices with excellent hard commutation ruggedness, not only demonstrate impressive on-state resistance (R DS(on)) and Figure of Merit (FOM), but also provide high system reliability through the lowest reverse recovery charge (Q rr) available on the market. With the new 300V OptiMOS™ series, Infineon brings a new level of performance in hard switching applications such as telecom, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), industrial power supplies, DC-AC inverters and motor control.


The 40.7mΩ OptiMOS™ 300V in D 2PAK reduces conduction loss and improves overallefficiency in high current applications such as motor control. The industry’s lowest FOM, more than 30% less than alternative devices, cuts system power losses. This also enables fast switching in switched mode applications such as synchronous rectification in 60V telecom systems.


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Features Benefits Applications
  • Fast diode technology
  • Industry best R DS(on) with more than 58% lower FOM
  • Hard commutation ruggedness
  • Optimized hard switching behavior
  • Highest efficiency and power density
  • Board space and system cost reduction
  • High system reliability
  • Best switching performance
  • Easy-to-design products

Product portfolio OptiMOS™ 300V

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  D²PAK TO-220
  D2PAK_optiMOS-300V TO-220-optiMOS-300v_web
Product type


R DS(on) max. 40.7mΩ 41mΩ

Product Selection Guide

Title Size Date Version
1.2 MB 17 Aug 2015 01_00
22.2 MB 21 Feb 2017 00_00

Product Brief

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272 KB 30 Jun 2017 01_00

Application Brochure

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1.5 MB 27 Jun 2017 02_00
575 KB 09 May 2017 01_00

Application Notes

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902 KB 13 Aug 2013 01_00
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663 KB 01 Dec 2012

Additional Product Information

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97 KB 02 Jun 2015 01_00

Simulation Models

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774 KB 28 Aug 2015 01_00
OptiMOS™ 300 V in D2PAK and TO-220 - Extending the OptiMOS™ Portfolio from 20 V up to 300 V

OptiMOS™ 300V in D2PAK and TO-220 - extending the OptiMOS™ portfolio from 20V up to 300V

This video introduces Infineon’s new OptiMOS™ 300V in D 2PAK and TO-220 packages. OptiMOS™ 300V MOSFETs are especially optimized for body diode hard commutation.

Length 2:36
OptiMOS™ 300V 的产品组合从20 V扩展到了300 V,含有两种封装形式: D2PAK和TO-220

OptiMOS™ 300V 的产品组合从20 V扩展到了300 V,含有两种封装形式: D2PAK和TO-220

此视频介绍新型OptiMOS™ 300 V产品.。此产品含有 D2PAK和TO-220封装形式。 OptiMOS™ 300 V 功率MOSFET针对硬切换进行了优化。

Length 3:43

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