OptiMOS™ 5 150V

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A breakthrough reduction in RDS(on) and reverse recovery charge (Qrr)





The new OptiMOS™ 5 150V power MOSFETs from Infineon are particularly suitable for low voltage drives such as forklift and e-scooter, as well as telecom and solar applications. The new products offer a breakthrough reduction in R DS(on) (up to 25% compared to the next best alternative in SuperSO8) and Q rr without compromising FOM gd and FOM OSS, effectively reducing design effort whilst optimizing system efficiency. Furthermore, the ultra-low reverse recovery charge (lowest Q rr in SuperSO8 = 26nC) increases commutation ruggedness. 


The OptiMOS™ 5 150V technology enables smaller best-in-class SuperSO8 (PQFN 5x6) package devices to replace TO-220 alternatives. The switch provides increased power density and lower voltage overshoot (V DS) due to reduced package inductance. 


Available in six packages, Infineon’s OptiMOS™ 5 150V power MOSFETs demonstrate not only lower output charge and higher switching frequency, but also ultra-low reverse recovery charge (Q rr). Consequently, the need for paralleling is reduced and end products are made more rugged, leading to overall system cost reduction.


OptiMOS™ 5 150V comparison of R DS(on) in SuperSO8,
D 2PAK and TO-220
    OptiMOS™ 5 150V comparison of Q rr in SuperSO8


Key features Key benefits Applications
  • Lower R DS(on) without compromising FOM gd and FOM OSS
  • Lower output charge
  • Ultra-low reverse recovery charge
  • Increased commutation ruggedness
  • Higher switching frequency possible
  • Reduced paralleling
  • Size reduction enabled with SuperSO8 best-in-class
  • Higher power density designs
  • More rugged products
  • System cost reduction
  • Improved EMI behavior

Product portfolio OptiMOS™ 5 150V

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R DS(on)max. at V GS=10V [mΩ] TO-263
D 2PAK 7pin
4.0-5.1 IPB048N15N5 IPB044N15N5 IPI051N15N5* IPP051N15N5*
5.2-11.0 IPB073N15N5   IPI076N15N5 IPP076N15N5

*Orderable Q1 2017


R DS(on)max. at V GS=10V [mΩ] SuperSO8
PQFN 5x6
5.2-11.0 BSC093N15NS5*
>11.0 BSC160N15NS5

*Evaluation boards available: 

Product Brief

Title Size Date Version
709 KB 11 Oct 2016 01_00

Application Notes

Title Size Date Version
430 KB 28 Nov 2016 01_00
7 MB 25 Jun 2015 01_00
2 MB 01 Dec 2016 01_00
4.3 MB 07 Nov 2016 01_00
902 KB 13 Aug 2013 01_00
701 KB 30 Nov 2015 01_00
663 KB 01 Dec 2012

Product Selection Guide

Title Size Date Version
1.2 MB 17 Aug 2015 01_00
22.2 MB 21 Feb 2017 00_00

Application Brochure

Title Size Date Version
1.5 MB 27 Jun 2017 02_00
575 KB 09 May 2017 01_00

Additional Product Information

Title Size Date Version
137 KB 11 Oct 2016 01_00
139 KB 11 Oct 2016 01_00

Evaluation Boards

Board Family Description Status
EVAL_3KW_2LLC_C7_20 Gate Driver, Microcontroller, MOSFET 3.0kW Dual LLC Evaluation Board
  • 1EDI60N12AF
  • 2EDN7524R
  • 2N7002
  • BAS 52-02V BAT165
  • BSC093N15NS5
  • BSS316N
  • ICE2QR2280Z
  • IFX1763XEJ V33
  • IFX1763XEJ V50
  • IPP60R040C7
  • XMC4400-F64K512AB
active and preferred


eLearning OptiMOS™ 5 150V power MOSFETs

In this session the expert Andy Muggeridge provides an overview about OptiMOS™ 5 150V which is ideally suited for applications such as LV-drives, telecom and solar. The training addresses the following topics: product portfolio, performance overview and key features and benefits of OptiMOS™ 5 150V.




eLearning OptiMOS™ 5 150V power MOSFETs - technical training

In this session the application engineer Ralf Walter provides an overview about the improvements of important MOSFET parameters of the new OptiMOS™ 5 150V, which is well suited for applications such as LV drives, telecom and solar. Additionally the impact to the performance of these applications are shown in detail. The training addresses the following topics: key features, comparison of main parameters and the advantages in the applications.




Next generation OptiMOS™ 5 150V power MOSFETs

This video provides an overview of the new OptiMOS™ 5 150V Power MOSFETs which are ideally suited for applications such as LV-drives, telecom and solar.

Length: 2:02


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