OptiMOS™ and StrongIRFET™ Latest Family Selection Guide

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OptiMOS™ power MOSFETs  provide excellent best-in-class performance. Features include ultra low R DS(on) as well as high efficiency and power density ideal for high switching frequency applications.


StrongIRFET™ power MOSFETs  are designed for rugged industrial applications and are ideal for designs with a low switching frequency as well as those that require a high current carrying capability.


This powerful combination offers:

  • Expanded product portfolio 10V–300V
  • Ability to address a broad range of needs
  • Best-in-class technology
  • Excellent price/performance ratio


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NEW! OptiMOS™ Linear FET family


Latest power MOSFET families
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OptiMOS™ 5 150V power MOSFETs - a breakthrough reduction in R DS(on) and reverse recovery charge (Q rr)

Infineon introduces the OptiMOS™ 5 150V portfolio, optimized for high performance applications which require low charges, high power density and yet high ruggedness. It is an important contributor to Infineon’s system solutions for low voltage drives, synchronous rectification in telecom rectifiers and brick converters as well as solar power optimizers.

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40V and 60V StrongIRFET™ power MOSFETs - logic level gate drive

Infineon extends its StrongIRFET™ power MOSFET family, providing a solution that fulfills both requirements. The Logic Level StrongIRFET™ can be driven directly from a microcontroller, saving space and cutting costs. Additionally, the MOSFETs are highly rugged and thus help lengthen the service life of the electronic devices.

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StrongIRFET™ in Medium Can DirectFET™ Package - New corner gate pad

Infineon's StrongIRFET power MOSFETs in DirectFET™ package deliver highest energy efficiency in space constrained applications like power tools and eBikes. This is made possible by the compact Medium Can DirectFET™ housing featuring a new layout.

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OptiMOS™ 300V power MOSFETs - performance and design possibilities in hard switching applications

Infineon extends its medium voltage MOSFET portfolio with OptiMOS™ 300V, setting a new standard in the Power MOSFET market.The OptiMOS™ 300V family helps system designers to increase power density and reduce cost with the highest level of reliability. 

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OptiMOS™ 5 25V and 30V power MOSFETs - boost system performance with best-in-class technology

Infineon's OptiMOS™ 5 25V and 30V product family exceeds 95% efficiency, delivering highest power density for voltage regulator solutions. Together with Infineon’s driver and digital controller products the company delivers full system solutions for applications such as server, client, datacom or telecom.

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Product Selection Guide

Title Size Date Version
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1.2 MB 17 Aug 2015 01_00

Additional Product Information

Title Size Date Version
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Product Brief

Title Size Date Version
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381 KB 01 Nov 2012
219 KB 12 Apr 2016 01_00
257 KB 01 Dec 2011
272 KB 30 Jun 2017 01_00
436 KB 30 Jun 2017 01_00
753 KB 01 Feb 2014
738 KB 01 Nov 2012

Application Brochure

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879 KB 04 May 2016 01_00
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Application Brief

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Application Notes

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301 KB 27 Jun 2014
2.2 MB 20 May 2014


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852 KB 30 Nov 2012
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Evaluation Boards

Board Family Description Status
EVAL_IPT015N10N5_TOLL MOSFET Evaluation Board for an inverter stage of high power motor control applications such as forklifts or low speed cars, available in five RDS(on) variants
  • 100V IPT015N10N5 1.5mΩ
  • 100V IPT020N10N3 2.0mΩ
  • 150V IPT059N15N3 5.9mΩ
  • 60V IPT007N06N 0.75mΩ
  • 80V IPT012N08N5 1.2mΩ
on request
REF-15W THINPAK ADAPTER Diode (Si, SiC), MOSFET, Power Controller (PWM, PFC) 15W 5V USB adapter reference board
  • BAS21-03W
  • BSC067N06LS3G
  • ICE2QS03G
  • IPL65R1K5C6S
active and preferred
REF-15W ADAPTER Diode (Si, SiC), MOSFET, Power Controller (PWM, PFC) PWM-QR ICE2QS03G for 15W 5V SMPS reference board with 85~265V AC universal input.
  • BAS21-03W
  • BSC067N06LS3G
  • ICE2QS03G
  • IPU60R950C6
active and preferred
REF-15W_CE1K0 ADAPTER MOSFET, Power Controller (PWM, PFC) 15W reference board for flyback smart phone/tablet (5V/3A)
  • BSC067N06LS3 G
  • ICE2QS03G
  • IPS65R1K0CE
active and preferred
EVAL_800W_PSU_4P_C7 MOSFET, Gate Driver This 800W evaluation board is intended to be a form, fit and function testplatform for server applications to show operation of the 600V CoolMOS C7, 650V SiC Diode , Optimos 40V, Quasi Resonat Flyback (QR) and XMC 1400/4200 controller.The evaluation board is designed around the Infineon 600V CoolMOS 4-Pin device and the cost effective Optimos 40V Technology to show switching performance and power density design .
    active and preferred
    KIT_XMC_DP_EXP_01 Gate Driver, Microcontroller, MOSFET The new XMC™ digital power explorer kit utilizes Infineon’s industry leading XMC™ range of ARM® Cortex®-M microcontrollers, OptiMOS™ BSC0924NDI MOSFETs and IRS2011S high and low side drivers. The kit’s power board features synchronous buck converter with on-board resistive load banks.
    • BSC0924NDI
    • IRS2011S
    • XMC1302-T038X0200 AB
    • XMC4200-F64K256 AB
    active and preferred
    REF-15W_IR_OPTI3 MOSFET, Power Controller (PWM, PFC) PWM-QR ICE2QS03G and µSmartRectifierTM IR1161 for 15W 5V SMPS adapter reference board with 85~265 VAC universal input
    • BSZ100N06LS3 G
    • ICE2QS03G
    • IPS65R1K5CE
    • IR1161
    EVAL_3KW_2LLC_C7_20 Gate Driver, Microcontroller, MOSFET 3.0kW Dual LLC Evaluation Board
    • 1EDI60N12AF
    • 2EDN7524R
    • 2N7002
    • BAS 52-02V BAT165
    • BSC093N15NS5
    • BSS316N
    • ICE2QR2280Z
    • IFX1763XEJ V33
    • IFX1763XEJ V50
    • IPP60R040C7
    • XMC4400-F64K512AB
    active and preferred
    REF-15W_CE1K5 ADAPTER MOSFET, Power Controller (PWM, PFC) 15W reference board for flyback smart phone/tablet (5V/3A)
    • BSC067N06LS3 G
    • ICE2QS03G
    • IPS65R1K5CE
    active and preferred
    KIT_XMCI45_LARIX_PINU_1 Security, Gate Driver, LED Driver & Ballast Controller, Linear Voltage Regulator (LDO), MOSFET, Power Controller (PWM, PFC), Sensor Quadrocopter demonstrator kit with 9-axis motion tracking, pressure sensor and authentication representation. Control via Bluetooth or radio transmitter.
    • BCR321U
    • BSC0925ND
    • DPS310
    • IFX1117MEV33
    • IFX91041V50
    • IR2301S
    • MPU9250
    • ORIGA™ 2L
    • XMC1302 Q040X0128
    • XMC4200 OBD
    • XMC4500
    coming soon
      eLearning Datasheet explanation

    Datasheet parameters and diagrams explanation - how to use them in applications

    Reading datasheets is sometimes a challanging task. In this training some important datasheet parameters and diagrams are explained more in detail.



    OptiMOS™ Linear FET - Combining a low R DS(on) with a wide safe operating area

    This video provides an overview of the new OptiMOS™ Linear FET, which offers a combination of the low R DS(on) of modern trench MOSFET with the wide safe operating area (SOA) of planar MOSFET.

    OptiMOS™ Linear FET is ideally suited to telecom and battery management applications.


    eLearning OptiMOS™ Linear FET - marketing training

    This eLearning provides an overview of the new OptiMOS™ Linear FET, a revolutionary concept, which enables a low R DS(on) together with a high linear mode capability. The product portfolio is ideally suited for telecom and battery management applications.


    eLearning OptiMOS™ Linear FET - technical training

    In this training the technical principle of OptiMOS™ Linear FET power MOSFETs is explained and the key differences from the standard trench MOSFETs are shown.



    Wireless charging for consumer - fuel the future with Infineon

    Infineon’s broad selection of components helps you mastering your design challenges for resonant and inductive wireless charging solutions. As a member of the Wireless Power Consortium and the AirFuel Alliance, Infineon is dedicated to actively shape the trends of tomorrow. Explore our portfolio and use our helpful wireless charging selection tool to find the best-fit solutions for your wireless charging design.





    Selection Tool Wireless Charging

    With our selection tool you will find the right parts for your design requirements. You just have to select your application, the power range, the standard you want to apply, the topology and you will get an overview about our most recommended offerings for your design. Based on that, you can directly add the selection to your shopping cart. It is recommended to use the Internet Explorer browser or the Firefox browser to enable optimized display – google Chrome browser is not recommended.



    Next Generation OptiMOS™ 5 150V power MOSFETs

    This video provides an overview of the new OptiMOS™ 5 150V power MOSFETs which are ideally suited for applications such as LV-drives, telecom and solar.

    Length: 2:02



    eLearning OptiMOS™ 5 150V power MOSFETs

    In this session the expert Andy Muggeridge provides an overview about OptiMOS™ 5 150V which is ideally suited for applications such as LV-drives, telecom and solar. The training addresses the following topics: product portfolio, performance overview and key features and benefits of OptiMOS™ 5 150V.



    eLearning OptiMOS™ 5 150V power MOSFETs - technical training

    In this session the application engineer Ralf Walter provides an overview about the improvements of important MOSFET parameters of the new OptiMOS™ 5 150V, which is well suited for applications such as LV drives, telecom and solar. Additionally the impact to the performance of these applications are shown in detail. The training addresses the following topics: key features, comparison of main parameters and the advantages in the applications.

    OptiMOS™ 300 V in D2PAK and TO-220 - Extending the OptiMOS™ Portfolio from 20 V up to 300 V

    OptiMOS™ 300V in D 2PAK and TO-220 - extending the OptiMOS™ portfolio from 20V up to 300V

    This video introduces Infineon’s new OptiMOS™ 300V in D 2PAK and TO-220 packages. OptiMOS™ 300V MOSFETs are especially optimized for body diode hard commutation.

    Length 2:36
    OptiMOS™ 5 80V and 100V Power MOSFETs - Product Portfolio

    OptiMOS™ 5 80V and 100V power MOSFETs - product portfolio

    This video introduces the new OptiMOS™ 5 80V and 100V portfolio targeted at applications such as telecom, server, solar, low voltage drives and adapter.

    Length 3:14
    Introduction OptiMOS™ 5 25 V and 30 V

    Introduction OptiMOS™ 5 25V and 30V

    This video gives an introduction to the OptiMOS™ 5 25V and 30V product family. The OptiMOS™ 5 25V and 30V product family is based on a new silicon technology, targeted at DC-DC voltage regulation applications in the computing industry, such as server, datacom and client, as well as or-ing and e-fuse, and wherever high frequent, high power density voltage regulators are needed. 

    Length 4:52
    Hard Commutation of Power MOSFETs OptiMOS™ 200V/250V Fast Diode - Part 1 of 2

    Hard commutation of power MOSFETs OptiMOS™ 200V/250V Fast Diode - part 1 of 2

     In this video an Infineon expert presents the new OptiMOS™ 200V and 250V Fast Diode (FD) family, which is optimized for body diode hard commutation. The new devices are the perfect choice for hard switching applications such as telecom, industrial power supplies, class D audio amplifiers, motor control and DC-AC inverter. 

    Length 4:58

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