600V/1200V HighSpeed 3

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Discrete IGBTs Breaking the Switching-Speed-Limits in Various Topologies



HighSpeed 3 Discrete IGBT – lowest losses and highest reliability for switching >20kHz

Infineon’s high speed devices are used to reduce the size of the active components (25kHz --> 70kHz). Infineon’s HighSpeed 3 Discrete IGBT family provides the best compromise between switching and conduction losses.

The key feature of this family is a MOSFET-like turn-off switching behavior, leading to low turn-off losses (25% less than the closest competitor). Furthermore, up to 15% efficiency improvement can be achieved by implementing this technology in your design.

The small size of the components allows high power density designs with less system costs.

Product Portfolio 600V HighSpeed 3

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Continuous Collector Current a T c=100°C TO-263
TO-220 TO-220 FullPAK TO-247
    Halogen-Free Halogen-Free    










IGBT 40      


IGBT 50      


IGBT 60      


IGBT 75      


IGBT 100      


DuoPack 20




DuoPack 30      


DuoPack 40      


DuoPack 50      


DuoPack 60      


DuoPack 75      


*Without Anti-Parallel Diode


Product Portfolio 1200V HighSpeed 3

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Continuous Collector Current a T c=100°C TO-247 TO-247PLUS 3pin TO-247PLUS 4pin
DuoPack 15


DuoPack 25


DuoPack 40



DuoPack 50   IKQ50N120CH3 IKY50N120CH3
DuoPack 75   IKQ75N120CH3 IKY75N120CH3

Learn more about the new TO-247PLUS package

 Key Features Benefits   Applications
  • Designed specifically to replace planar MOSFETs in applications switching at frequencies below 70kHz
  • Low switching losses for high efficiency
  • Excellent V ce(sat) behavior thanks to the famous Infineon TRENCHSTOP™ technology
  • Fast switching behavior with low EMI emissions
  • Optimized diode for target applications, meaning further improvement in switching losses
  • Low gate resistor selection possible (down to 5Ω) whilst maintaining excellent switching behavior
  • Short circuit capability
  • Offering T j(max) of 175°C
  • Packaged with and without freewheeling diode for increased design freedom
  • Excellent cost/performance
  • Low switching and conduction losses
  • Very good EMI behavior
  • A small gate resistor for reduced delay time and voltage overshoot
  • Smaller die sizes -> smaller packages
  • Best-in-class IGBT efficiency and EMI behavior


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Product Selection Guide

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Product Catalogue

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Product Brief

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Product Family Overview

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Application Brochure

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Application Notes

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Additional Product Information

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Application Brief

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Part 4 of 8 - Datasheet Comparison Between H3, H5 and F5

Datasheet Comparison Between H3, H5 and F5

The new 650V TRENCHSTOP™5 IGBT technology from Infineon redefines the “Best-in-Class IGBT” by providing unmatched performance in terms of efficiency. When high efficiency, lower system costs and increased reliability are demanded, 650V TRENCHSTOP™5 is the only option. The new TRENCHSTOP™5 IGBTs deliver a dramatic reduction in switching and conduction losses for PFC and PWM topologies in applications such as Welding, Uninterruptible Power Supply and Solar. 650V TRENCHSTOPTM5 is available in two variants, HighSpeed 5 (H5) for high speed and HighSpeed5 Fast (F5) for highest efficiency.

Length 4:29

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