1200V RC-E Reverse Conducting IGBT

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Economical and efficient IGBT for induction cooking appliances





Resonant topologies like those used in induction cooking appliances have special requirements for power components. They need an IGBT that performs best at switching frequencies from 18kHz–40kHz and has low losses to meet energy efficiency standards, but at the most competitive price. However, unlike motor drive applications, induction cooking appliances don’t need hard switching capabilities, short circuit ratings, or special package types.


The new RC-E IGBTs build on a long tradition of application specific technologies. They are cost- and feature-optimized specifically for low- to mid-range induction cookers and other resonant applications. The RC-E technology uses an IGBT with monolithically integrated reverse conduction diode to set the new benchmark for price/performance and ease-of-use in the industry. This new family offers Infineon’s proven quality in RC IGBTs and meets all the needs of soft switching applications, including attractive pricing compared to other general purpose IGBTs.


Key highlights of the RC-E family

  • Low switching and conducting losses, similar to Infineon’s RC-H3 family
  • Based on the technology used in the worldwide number 1 discrete IGBT family, RC-H
  • Standard TO-247 package for simple replacement in existing designs


Key features Benefits
  • Low E off and V ce(sat)
  • Designed for soft switching applications
  • Optimized for performance with switching frequencies from 18kHz–40kHz
  • Most commonly used blocking voltage, 1200V
  • Price versus performance leader for cost-effective designs
  • Low losses help designs meet energy efficiency standards
  • Drop-in replacement for existing designs
  • Soft switching for good EMI behavior


Soft switching trade-off – optimized for induction cooking appliances  

IGBT power losses – IHW15N120E1 versus competitors


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Induction heating inverter (voltage resonance)


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Product portfolio 1200V RC-E Reverse Conducting IGBT

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Part number I C at 100°C [A] V br [V] V CE(sat) [V] E off [mJ] V F [V] I F at 100°C [A]
IHW15N120E1 15 1200 1.50 0.03 1.90 15
IHW25N120E1 25 1200 1.50 0.08 1.90 25

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