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Whatʼs the benefit of Infineonʼs new H2S protection?

Whatʼs the benefit of Infineonʼs new H2S protection?

Traditional Protection

Mount the IGBT module

Build a hermetic cabinet for the inverter

Ensure adequate air conditioning

Monitor and control environmental conditions

Protect the module from heavy air flow

Frequently maintenance

High effort
but still no secure
H2S protection

  • High effort
  • High cost of ownership
  • No secure H2S protection

Result in comparison

Measures to protect the IGBT module from H2S

Infineonʼs advanced
H2S protection

High customer satisfaction

New Protection

Just mount Infineonʼs H2S protected IGBT module

Low effort
and proven
H2S protection

  • Low effort
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Proven H2S protection

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