Digital PWM ICs for Memory Power

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PX3684 - digital 4-phase power controller with dynamic phasing

The PX3684 digital 4-phase power controller provides voltage regulation to today’ s high current memory applications by driving up to four synchronous-rectified buck converter channels in parallel. Interleaved timing of the channels results in a higher ripple frequency which minimizes both input and output voltage ripple. The PX3684 can be used to build DC-DC converters that provide up to 130A to memory loads with excellent efficiency.


The PX3684 utilizes digital technology to implement all control functions, providing the ultimate solution in flexibility and stability. An industry standard I2C™ compliant serial interface for real-time system control allows the power supply designer to quickly optimize designs and monitor system performance.


The PX3684 supports autonomous phase dropping based on the total output current to maximize system efficiency across load. The number of active phases in phase drop mode is programmable. The autonomous phasing feature can be disabled manually via the PD_DIS pin.



  • Power regulation for memory, ASIC, DSP and FPGA
  • Intelligent point–of–load (POL) power regulation

  • Multiphase power conversion
    • 1– to 4–phase operation
    • 100 kHz to 1 MHz switching frequency
  • Dynamic phasing for improved light load efficiency
    • High precision internal voltage reference
    • I 2C-bus interface for monitoring, control and configuration
  • Extensive fault detection capability
    • Open voltage sense line detection
    • Pulse by pulse peak current limiting
    • Multiple internal and external temperature limits
    • Configurable latched fault or autonomous recovery shutdown


  • Dedicated loop compensation for normal and phase-drop mode operation
  • Resistor programmable regulation and maximum voltage settings
    • 2–bit VID inputs for additional output voltage control
  • Precision digital current sense calibration
  • Precise digital current balancing with programmable scaled offsets for thermal balancing
  • Analog current monitor (IMON) output
  • Digitally programmable loadline
  • Digital temperature compensation
  • Internal non-volatile memory (NVM) to store custom configurations
  • Single +3.3V supply operation
  • RoHS compliant 48–lead MLF plastic package



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