DC-DC Integrated Power Stage

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Infineon offers a wide portfolio of power stages solutions, recognized in the whole industry as Best-in-Class for power efficiency and power density. Our product offering includes highest efficiency integrated power stages such as 25V latest generation power stages, DrMOS, DrMOS 5x5, new DrMOS 4x4 and DrBlade™ as well as MOSFETs gate driver tailored to our OptiMOS™ and Primarion™ products.

The latest generation of high efficiency 25V integrated power stages

The new integrated power stages from Infineon combine the most advanced low voltage MOSFET technology with our latest driver design.

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DrMOS 4x4 - Highest efficiency on smallest form factor

Infineon's new DrMOS, packaged in a very small 4.0x4.0x1.0mm³ PQFN envelope, is offering best-in-class efficiency and very low power loss. 

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DrMOS 5x5 - Reach a peak efficiency of more than 95%

DrMOS 5x5 is an integrated power stage for high performance DC-DC Voltage Regulation solutions, comprising Infineon’s Driver and OptiMOS™ 5 25V MOSFET technologies in a 5.0x5.0x0.8mm 3 package.

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DrBlade™ 2 - highest efficiency with The new generation 

The new DrBlade™ 2 maximizes power density and saves PCB real estate. Continuous innovation in FET, driver and controller technology enable peak efficiencies above 95% to maximize system performance.

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DC-DC Voltage Regulation System Solution

Infineon’s digital voltage regulation complete system solution combining DrBlade™ 2 power stage and 4th Generation VR Controller provides highest configurability with minimum external component count to meet increasingly stringent voltage regulation requirements of new microprocessor generations.

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Product Selection Guide

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Product Brief

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Application Brochure

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Additional Product Information

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Application Brief

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Application Notes

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Infineon's new DrBlade™ 2 and DC/DC System Solution

Infineon's new DrBlade™ 2 and DC-DC System Solution

Infineon is the first semiconductor company to introduce an integrated driver and MOSFET halfbridge in a package based on the revolutionary Blade chip embedding technology. DrBlade™ contains the latest generation low voltage DC/DC driver technology and OptiMOS™ MOSFET devices.

Length 3:37
DrBlade Soldering Process

DrBlade™ Soldering Process

 In this technical video, an Infineon expert shows how to properly solder Infineon's DrBlade package. The DrBlade package, based on the revolutionary Blade chip embedding technology, contains an integrated driver and MOSFET halfbridge. DrBlade is optimized for DC/DC voltage regulation applications in computing and telecom, including Blade and Rack servers, PC-motherboards, notebooks and gaming machines.

Length 5:48
DrBlade™ 2.0/2.1 - An introduction to the key features of Infineon's latest integrated power stage Part1

DrBlade™ 2.0/2.1 - An introduction to the key features of Infineon's latest integrated power stage Part1

In this Video Training the listener will learn about the three key value propositions of Infineon's latest DrBlade2.x products. The application driving forces for Highest Power Density, Integrated Telemetry, and Best-In-Class efficiency featured by DrBlade2.x will be explained. Details on the above listed features will be presented. After watching this video the viewer will be able to discuss DrBlade2.x products competently with customers.

Length 5:44
Integrated Power Stages for High Performance DC/DC VR Solutions Featuring DrMOS 5x5

Integrated Power Stages for High Performance DC-DC VR Solutions Featuring DrMOS 5x5

This Video offers an overview on Infineon’s system solution portfolio for DCDC applications such as integrated power stages, Primarion digital controllers etc. You will learn more about the new DrMOS 5x5 features and understand the customer benefits provided by DrMOS 5x5.

Length 4:06

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