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Order Nr.: KIT_XMC4x_MOT_GPDLV_001   Recommended resale price: 99,- EUR  Buy Online

Summary of Features:

  • Seamless connection to CPU board via ACT Satellite Connector
  • 3 phase low voltage half-bridge inverter using Infineon’s N-channel 
  • OptiMOS™3 power transistors
  • Gate Driver IC (6ED003L02-F2) with over-current detection circuit (ITRIP)
  • Current measurement by using single or triple shunts (amplified)
  • Single side assembly of all parts
  • Position sensing via 
    •       Inductive resolver interface using delta-sigma modulator and pattern generator for resolver excitation
    •       Hall sensor interface
  • Power jack for external 24V supply
  • Power supply generation:
    •        Switch mode power supply for 5V power generation 
    •        Low drop voltage regulators (15 V) for MOSFET gate driver and resolver extiation
    •        Low drop voltage regulators (3.3V) for logic
  • Maximum DC-link current: 7.5 A, nominal DC-link current 5 A
  • Single side assembly of all parts
  • 3 LEDs indicating power (15 Volt, 5 Volt, 3.3 Volt)

Parametric KIT_XMC4X_MOT_GPDLV_001
Product Name   XMC4500 Satellite-kit: General Purpose Motor Drive Kit
Configuration   XMC4500
Family   Microcontroller
Target Application   Automation
Target Application   Motor Control & Drives
Target Application   Motorcycles, E-Bikes & Small E-Vehicles
Target Application   Solar Energy Systems
Target Application   Wind Energy Systems
Type   Evaluation Board

User Manual

Title Size Date Version
1.4 MB 24 Sep 2012 01_00
Sales Product Name KIT_XMC4X_MOT_GPDLV_001
Product Status active and preferred
Order online
Package Name -
Completely lead free
Halogen free
RoHS compliant yes
Packing Size 1
Packing Type CONTAINER

PCB Design Data

Title Size Date Version
519 KB 20 Feb 2013 02_01
1.6 MB 31 Aug 2015 02_00

PCB Design Data

Title Size Date Version
519 KB 20 Feb 2013 02_01
1.6 MB 31 Aug 2015 02_00

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