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This Evaluation Kit is a compact and flexible 3-phase motor drive system solution platform with control card and power stage, powered by IRSM505-065DA2 CIPOS™ Micro and XMC 1302. To get a functioning motor system running in less than 1 hour all needed is included. Such as Control Card with debug interface and complete power stage. Motor control software is preloaded or available for download. An easy to use GUI software for parametirization and tuning is available as well.

Summary of Features:


  • Easy to design-in – fast time to market
  • All in one solution!

Target Applications:

Drives Aircon Pumps          


Find out more about our evaluation boards for driving 3-phase motors, powered by IRSM505-065DA2 CIPOS™ Micro or IRSM836-045MA CIPOS™ Nano Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs). These boards are equipped with a standardized iMOTION™ MADK M1 platform interface and can be controlled with different control boards having the same interface:


EVAL-M1-05-65D (2.6A, 500V)

EVAL-M1-05-84D (7A, 250V)

EVAL-M1-36-45A (4A, 500V)

EVAL-M1-36-84A (7A, 250V)


Discover more about our  EVAL-M1-1302 motor control board powered by XMC 1302. It includes an isolated J-Link interface by Segger. The Hardware is prepared to use HALL- or latest innovation of 3D Magnetic Sensor. A complete development suite consisting of DAVE and µC-Probe is provided.

This Evaluation Boards can be combined with our EVAL-M1-099M-C control board  powered by an IRMCK099M Motor Control IC and our isolated debugger tool MCETOOLV2. In addition a MCE Designer GUI for parametrization and tunig is offered. It is designed for motor drive applications such as fans, pumps, multicopter or aircon.

Parametric EVAL-M1-1302_05-65D
Product Name   EVAL-M1-1302_05-65D
Configuration   Equipped with IRSM505-065DA2 µIPM™-DIP
Configuration   Equipped with µC XMC™ 1302 ARM® Cortex® M0
Configuration   iMOTION™ MADK complete Kit with control- and power-board
Family   Microcontroller
Family   Motor Driver
Target Application   Automation
Target Application   Consumer
Target Application   Industrial
Target Application   Motor Control & Drives
Type   Evaluation Board
Topology   3-Phase Motor
Input Type   AC
Description   Evaluation Kit as part of iMOTION™ MADK M1-Plattform with µIPM™ DIP (230V)

Data Sheet

Title Size Date Version
872 KB 18 Oct 2016 02_00

Application Notes

Title Size Date Version
1.7 MB 20 Sep 2016 01_00
1 MB 30 Aug 2016 01_00


Title Size Date Version
706 KB 15 Aug 2016 01_00
888 KB 15 Aug 2016 01_00

Product Brief

Title Size Date Version
488 KB 10 May 2016 01_00

Getting Started

Title Size Date Version
3.1 MB 15 Jul 2016 01_00
Sales Product Name EVAL-M1-1302_05-65D
Product Status active and preferred
Order online Buy online
Package Name --
Completely lead free
Halogen free
RoHS compliant yes
Packing Size 1

Evaluation Boards

Board Family Description Status
EVAL-M1-099M Motor Driver, Microcontroller This evaluation board is a high performance control board with debug interface card
  • Equipped with IRMCK099M iMOTION™ Motor Control IC
  • iMOTION™ MADK complete control card
active and preferred
EVAL-M1-05-65D Motor Driver, Microcontroller This evaluation board is a complete power stage to drive 3-phase motor, powered by IRSM505-065DA2 CIPOS™ Micro
  • Equipped with IRSM505-065DA2 CIPOS™ Micro
  • iMOTION™ MADK complete power stage to drive 3-phase motor
active and preferred
EVAL-M1-1302 Motor Driver, Microcontroller High Performance Sensorless Motor Control Card
  • Equipped with µC XMC 1302 ARM® Cortex® M0
  • iMOTION™ MADK motor control board
active and preferred
EVAL-M1-099M-C Microcontroller, Motor Driver iMOTION™ MADK control card
  • Equipped with IRMCK099M iMOTION™ Motor Control IC
active and preferred
MCETOOLV2 Motor Driver, Microcontroller Isolated Debugger Tool for configuring, programming and debugging of all IRMCK099, IRMCx100 and RMCx300 series iMOTION™ motor control ICs
    active and preferred

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