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Infineon offers programming services for certain customer-specific applications. We adapt programs for specific needs in applications such as automotive and electric motor control, building on Infineon’s Microcontroller Firmware and Software libraries.

For more Information on Programming Services please contact your nearest Infineon sales office or contact one of our partners below:

Company Name and Weblink C500 XC800 C166 XC2000 TriCore Description
btv technologies gmbh
X X X X X btv offers: State of the art programming , tape & reel and logistics services, on 7 days a week, 24 hours. Main customers come from the automotive and telecommunications sector. We are certified acc. to TS16949, ISO9001.
X X X X   Falcon Denshi K.K. offers the programming service from 1 chip to mass production in Japan market. Falcon Programming Center is able to offer ROM programming service, marking, taping & reeling, baking, dry packing, 2D inspection, 3D lead scan and socket cleaning & restoration service and so on.



X X X X X Full-fledged Automatic Programming Service
Founded in 2002, Flatek provide programming and testing services in Great China Market, including service facilities in Taipei, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Zhengzhou. Flatek is a ISO-9001 certified company.

Major Services:
  • Programming Service: Flatek's production facility can support various IC packages, and offer 2D inspection, and 3D lead scan services
  • Own development of algorithms & adapters.
  • On-Site Programming : We also focus on programming at customer's facility In addition. By applying technical support and standard flow control, Flatek equips with advanced device programmer and professional engineers to ensure precise control of cycle time and quality.
  • IC Marking & Laser Marking.
  • Tape reel & Dry packing follow EIA 481 standard.
  • Functional test and Final test
HI-LO logo_klein
Hi-Lo Systems
X X X X   HI-LO SYSTEMS established its Programming Center in 2001
This Center has been ISO-9001 and TS-16949 certified.
HI-LO Programming Center is able to offer comprehensive and also competitive solutions for device programming, marking, taping & reeling, baking, dry packing, laser mark, 2D inspection and 3D lead scan, etc., including special request of customized devices programming and packing.
Hi-Lo offers the programming services in Great China zone, including Taipei, Hsinchu, Hong Kong and Shanghai.
X X X X X Programming of electronic components:
• Programming capacity >750,000 pcs/day
• Programming of all electronic components incl. wafer-programming
• Own development of algorithms & adapters
• HTV-On-Site Programming - programming at customer's facility
In addition we provide a full range of services like complex serial number programming, automated tape&reel service with 3D lead-inspection, laser marking, marking removal etc.


Test and Qualification of electronic components:
• Testing capacity >450,000 pcs/day
• Data sheet and electrical authenticity test
• Component qualification & environmental simulations
• Screening of specific parameters
• Fully automated high capacity testers
• Development of test programs and ASICs
HTV offers fast and flexible testing solutions tailor made to specific customer requirements. We test and qualify wafers, components and assemblies.
Our engineers are specialized in performing complex test applications including own development of test-programs and robots.


Long-Term Conservation of electronic components:
Our unique Thermal-Absorptive Gas-Barrier Method TAB® offers a long-term conservation of components or complete devices currently up to 50 years.
This product-specific reduction of the determining physical and chemical aging processes keeps components alive for decades also after end-of-life announcement.

Analysis of electronic components, packaging, wafer sawing, tinning & retinning etc.

Certification: ISO/TS16949 & ISO9001



X X X X X Full-fledged Automatic Programming Service
ProMik’s trusted programming services build on 10 years experience and offer fully automated and integrated programming systems. Our services range from automated device handling/programming with lead inspection (2D-Collinearity and 3D-Coplanarity), laser-marking with full traceability to logistic services. ProMik offer an additional advantage for its customers: accessible engineering Know-How on site.

  • Proprietary automated handler, programmers and algorithms, e.g. margin verify optimize programming and margin verifying algorithm for high-speed and quality
  • generating serial number based on individual customer specification
  • 100% tracebility over product life cycle, down to device ID level
  • final test of each device (function/memory)
  • vision inspection for 2D-Collinearity and 3D-Coplanarity
  • End-pumped Solid State Laser for excellent readable type-face
  • marking will not prevent vacuum picking of device
Tape& Reel
  • vision controlled device placement and according plausibility check
  • separate tape & reel service
  • vision inspection for 2D-Collinearity and 3D-Coplanarity
  • in accordance to EIA481 standards
  • dry packaging, and if required, "pizza" boxed
Logistic support
Competence in this area has enabled Promik to STL (Ship to line) for key Automotive customers
Certification TS16949 and ISO9001



X X X X X SEMITRON W.Röck GmbH was founded 1975 in south of Germany by Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Werner Röck
More than 40 Years competence and experience!

Meanwhile 140 employees, independent company with flexible structures and flat hierarchy.
This company has been ISO-9001 certified and offer the programming service worldwide.
Company locations are in Germany and Switzerland.

For programming Security Devices, MCU`s, EPROM`s, FLASHE`s ( standard, NAND, NOR… ) OTP`s, PLD`s … we use systems from DATA I/O, BP Microsystems, ELNEC, HI/LO … etc.
Automatically programming and Tape & Reel of SOT23 is no problem since 10 year`s.

Marking options: Label, Ink and Laser
Inspection options: 2D and 3D Leadscan
Delivery: Tray, Tube and Tape & Reel
Packaging: ESD, Dry Pack, Nitrogen
Programming capacity: up to 500`000 pcs./day

Additional services!
  • Test and selection of electronic components
  • BURN IN, Temp. cycling, Temp. shock
  • High / Low temperature test for military parts
  • Tape & Reel service ( axial, radial, SMD )
  • Analysis of electronic components
  • Solder test / Degilding of Device PIN`s


For programming services companies:

If you offer programming services specific for Infineon Microcontrollers and want to be listed on this page, please write an email using the contact form below.


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