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Optimized open market customer support set up for systems using AURIX™ including software and other Infineon products such as Power products, Sensor products and modules. They are trained to provide application- and product-specific support.


Support Models
  • 1st level customer support to ensure for Infineon products/ solutions
  • Technical interface and support to the customer
  • Drive the design in at the customer
  • Basic trainings for design teams @customer
  • 24hrs response time to the customer
  • Project management & project-specific application support
  • Specification of general SW architecture defining required layers, control and data flow structure etc.
  • Specification and implementation of custom device drivers
  • Optimization of software components with regard to speed/code size
  • Software testing
  • Support of project-specific functional safety engineering
  • Project-specific support of security solution
  • Safety support
  • Security support
  • Multicore support


Design House Competences Focus Regions Products

  • Portfolio: development of powertrain systems, simulation, engine instrumentation and test systems
  • Develops basic and application software
  • D(S)upports implemtations of functional safety concepts
  • Develops electronic hardware for automotive applications from prototyping till seriesproduction
Western Europe and Russia: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cypris, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland,
France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Swiss, Russia, United Kingdom

Microcontroller: AURIX™

Sensors products,
Power products

  • Bluewind provides innovative design services, in the field of Digital Electronics, Energy Efficiency and Wireless
  • Power conversion and motion control
  • Sensorless motion control for white goods
  • Automotive: Automatic Gear Control
  • High End Linux and Graphical Platforms
  • Audio and Noise Reduction systems
  • Wireless: WiFi, Zigbee, NFC,and UMTS platforms
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EMEA Microcontroller: AURIX™, XMC

Sensors products,
Power products
Solution provider for Embedded Security:
  • Consulting: Security / risk analysis, efficient architectures / concepts / processes / testing
  • Engineering: Implementation of customer-specific solutions
  • Software: Cryptographic SW for µC (including HSM-firmware) and backend (key management)
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Global Microcontroller: AURIX™
software & security
Tools and services for embedded software development:
  • AUTOSAR basic software stacks, incl. OS, RTE, and tools
  • Consulting for AUTOSAR, functional safety (incl. certification), multi- and many-core architectures, partitioning
  • Engineering: customer specific development of basic and application software
  • Application fields: software engineering (including prototyping), test and validation, measurement, calibration and diagnostics
  • Embedded security solutions: see ESCRYPT
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Global Microcontroller: AURIX™
software & security


  • Professional engineering services for embedded software, including
    • AUTOSAR MCAL and BSW integration services
    • SafeTLib/SafeTcore and related technical support
  • Turn key solutions for EV traction inverter
  • In-vehicle ethernet application development
  • AUTOSAR environment technical support for multi-processor ADAS platform
  • Consulting service for Functional Safety (ISO 26262) development of xEV drivetrain
China Microcontroller: AURIX™, XMC

Sensors products,
Power products



Infineon PDH Services - HighTec brochure


Established embedded tools vendor:

  • Commercial open-source toolchain solutions
  • Toolchain compliance to functional safety standards
  • Multicore real-time OS


Development and consulting services:

  • Middleware & driver development
  • Infineon MCAL and Infineon SafeTLib integration
  • Migration to multicore and/or RTOS-based systems
  • Multicore architecture concepts and feasibility studies
  • Porting PowerPC to AURIX architecture


Microcontroller: AURIX™, XMC

Sensors products,
Power products



AURIX™ - PDH- Services - Hitex brochure


AURIX™ - PDH - Support Models Hitex


XMC - PDH- Services - Hitex brochure


XMC - PDH - Support Models Hitex


  • Leading Provider of
    • Development- and software quality tools
    • Services
    • Middleware and safety software
  • Experts in the field of Functional Safety
  • Extensive track record of Embedded System Projects
    • Concept and specification
    • Soft- and hardware development and test
    • Hardware production
Global Microcontroller: AURIX™, XMC

Sensors products,
Power products



Smart Systems Intecs Brochure


Automotive Intecs Brochure


INTECS provides leading-edge software technologies to support the major European and Italian organisations in the design and implementation of advanced electronic systems for the Defence, Space and Civilian markets.
  • Automotive
  • Smart Systems
  • Traffic Control
  • Defence
  • Aviation
  • Space
  • Railway
  • Telecommunications

Typical activities are:


  • gLab
  • Soft-REC
  • Sirio-OD
  • Sirio-LX
  • Dejamm-R
  • Ethernet Repeater
  • DDF (TL)
  • EFAS (TL)
  • D.I.A.N.A.
  • MicrOsek


  • Automotive SPICE
  • Safety(CENELEC, ISO26262, ISO 61508, ISO 25119 etc.)
  • Autosar
  • Software Engineering
Italy AURIX™ and XMC™
  • Hardware
    • Design of mixed analog and digital circuits for automotive applications and critical environments
    • Components search and choice
    • Schematics and PCD design for mixed Analog and Digital circuits
    • Low and middle size production management
  • Software / Firmware relating to:
    • Low Level Drivers for standard and custom RTOS
    • MCU abstraction layer for Infineon Family
    • Porting and Design of RTOS to custom hardware
    • Model Based Design and integration for custom hardware
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Italy, France, Slovenia, Spain, Austria Microcontroller: AURIX™
Sensors products,
Power products



SW-Development & Support Packages for AURIX

  • Basic SW Driver Development
  • Customer Specific, Optimization for AURIX
  • RTOS Integration (e.g. Open Source OS Erika)
  • Secure Applications: SW for Secure -Boot/ -Software Update/ -Communication
  • HSM Programming and Optimization
  • Controller configuration via DAVE-Tool
  • Experience with Tasking Tool Chain plus Debugger and Infineon Evaluation Boards
Germany, Austria, Switzerland Microcontroller: AURIX™,
Neutronics-logo-rev2-v1-color - Copy

Complete or partial project support including:

  • Embedded Real Time application development
  • Desk-top and WEB based application development
  • Digital and analog hardware design
  • High Speed digital design
  • Wireless communications
  • Mechanical design
Canada and USA Microcontroller: AURIX™, XMC

Sensors products,
Power products


  • Turn key solutions for new product developments and for new or updated Products
  • Re-Engineering of Previous Generation of Embedded System
  • Short Courses or bespoke training on all aspects of Embedded systems
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United Kingdom
Microcontroller: AURIX™
Sensors products,
Power products


  • Recognized expertise in safety electronic embedded systems (safety systems for battery pack of BlueCar Bolloré, monitoring and driving car systems, functional validation of medical systems)
  • Efficiency and flexibility in designing and developing embedded systems in 3 main fields : automotive, maritime and health.
  • Industrialization of electronic cards for small and medium volume
  • Development and industrialization of ECU for automotive business and engineering office tools
  • Innovative and money-saving system of driving gas consumption for shipping market

France, Benelux

Microcontroller AURIX™, XMC™ , XC2000 families, Sensors products, Power products


How to get an Infineon Preferred Design House (PDH):

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How to get in touch base with the Infineon PDH support line:

Please contact


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