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Company Name and  Weblink Product Name C166 XC166 Description
hse-electronics GmbH
FLASH-Loader Boot-Loader X X Development of customised bootloader and applications, for the IRAM / PSRAM
Application X X Development of customised applications, for the FLASH memory
UDE-Mon X X The Monitor Development Kit provides a portable monitor development solution for creating application specific monitors. Beside the ASC0, SCC and CAN additional serial interfaces are supported.
port GmbH
CANopen protocol stack X X Complete CANopen source code implementation of the CiA standards CiA301 and CiA302. Additional CiA device profiles are supported by the company's CANopen Design Tool.
CANopen Bootloader   X Source code of an CiA 301/302 compatible CANopen bootloader.

Smart Electronic Development GmbH
Flashloader ADLATUS X X ADLATUS® is the modular embedded software solution for reprogramming of automotive ECUs (Electronic Control Units)
Vector Informatik GmbH
CAN Protocol Stack
X X The Vector CANbedded environment consists of a number of adaptive source code components that cover the basic communication requirements in automotive applications.
CANbedded LIN
LIN Protocol Stack
X   The Vector CANbedded LIN environment consists of a number of adaptive source code components that cover the basic communication requirements to be applied in the LIN environment.
Flash Bootloader X X The Vector embedded Flash Bootloader for in-field reprogramming is adapted for most of the automotive manufacturers. It is available for ECUs on vehicle networks like CAN, LIN or FlexRay.
Volcano Target Package
Volcano Target Package X   VTP consists of a Configuration Tool (Volcano Configuration Generator - (VCFG)) and the software modules necessary to provide CAN and LIN communication for your application.

Application Notes

Title Size Date Version
2.9 MB 15 Mar 2016 03_05

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