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Company Name and  Weblink Product Name TriCore Description
EB tresos X The EB tresos family is based on standards like AUTOSAR, FlexRay, CAN, and LIN. EB tresos Studio is a versatile tool for configuration of all the AUTOSAR Basic Software modules. EB tresos AutoCore comprises all these basic software modules according to the AUTOSAR standards.


X Automotive-qualified software stack for Aurix Hardware Security Module. Complete security solution for ECUs including real-time OS, interfaces and AUTOSAR components. Encapsulates all required security functions needed to satisfy automotive security.
ETAS Group

RTA-BSW (Basic Software) is the next-generation software platform for AUTOSAR basic software - easy to configure, integrate, and test. RTA-BSW is developed in accordance with ISO 26262 development processes conformant to ASIL-D and can be used in even the most demanding of safety-critical applications. RTA-BSW supports AUTOSAR 4.x and consists of several stacks that provide support for a wide range of features such as operating system, run-time environment, communication over CAN and LIN, memory, and diagnostic and calibration protocols such as XCP.

GÖPEL Elektronic
Hardware Platform SCANFLEX X

The SCANFLEX hardware was the first fully modular JTAG/Boundary Scan platform on the market and is still the most modern system architecture available to date. It consists essentially of three components: controllers, TAP transceivers and I/O modules. Hardware platform SCANFLEX is not only the best choice for testing but also for programming of internal and external devices.

Software Platform SYSTEM CASCON X Owing to its open scalability, SYSTEM CASCON offers special flexibility. As a rule, seven parameters are defined. This principle enables the use of software throughout the entire product life cycle as well as user-friendly update or upgrade options. Tool Suites are available for Device Programming, Boundary Scan Test, Debugger/Visualizer, Processor Emulation Test, Integrated Instruments and Functional I/O Test.
KPIT Infosystems GmbH
Opcode Test Code Generator OTCG X

The KPIT Opcode Test Code Generator OTCG is a PC based tool which generates a unique test pattern for every used opcode in the user application. This enables safety checks for your system.

Mentor Graphics
Volcano Target Package for CAN X

VTP consists of a Configuration Tool(Volcano Configuration Generator-(VCFG) ) and the software modules necessary to provide CAN and LIN communication for your application.

LIN Target Package X

The Volcano LIN Target Package (LTP) is a LIN only product providing a resource efficient implementation for LIN nodes according to the LIN 2.0 standard.

port GmbH
CANopen Protocol Stack X

Complete CANopen source code implementation of the CiA standards CiA301 and CiA302. Additional CiA device profiles are supported by the company's CANopen Design Tool.

Simma Software logo
Simma Software
ISO 15765 Protocol Stack X

The ISO 15765 protocol stack was designed by Simma Software to meet the demanding needs of the high speed Controller Area Network (CAN). Ports available for TriCore product lines.

SAE J1939 Protocol Stack X

The SAE J1939 protocol stack was designed by Simma Software to meet the demanding needs of the high speed Controller Area Network (CAN). Ports available for TriCore product lines.

CAN Flash Bootloaders X

Simma Software offers SAE J1939 and ISO 15765 flash bootloaders for the TriCore product line. These bootloaders allow an ECU's flash to be upgraded in the field.

CANOpen Protocol Stack X

The CANopen protocol stack was designed by Simma Software to meet the demanding needs of the high speed Controller Area Network (CAN). Ports available for TriCore product lines.

Smart Electronic Development GmbH
Flashloader ADLATUS X

ADLATUS® is the modular embedded software solution for reprogramming of automotive ECUs (Electronic Control Units)

Vector Informatik GmbH
Basis Software for AUTOSAR

MICROSAR products give you a complete context for implementing software architecture based on AUTOSAR-Standard. Vector provides with MICROSAR all necessary Basis Software Modules of the Service and ECU Abstraction Layers. TriCore specific Drivers of the Microcontroller Abstraction Layer are completely integrated in the MICROSAR Basis Software. This permits to use for all basis software the optimised Vector toolchain for AUTOSAR.

CAN Protocol Stack

The Vector CANbedded environment consists of a number of adaptive source code components that cover the basic communication requirements in automotive applications.

CANbedded LIN
LIN Protocol Stack

The Vector CANbedded LIN environment consists of a number of adaptive source code components that cover the basic communication requirements to be applied in the LIN environment.

Flash Bootloader X

The Vector embedded Flash Bootloader for in-field reprogramming is adapted for most of the automotive manufacturers. It is available for ECUs on vehicle networks like CAN, LIN or FlexRay.




Automated Test Management Enterprise wide for multiple targets, systems, test configurations, multiple compilers, debuggers, Continuous Integration, Change Based Testing with Change Impact Analysis, clusters, Board-Farms, Simulators and Probes



For C and or C++ Unit Testing, rapid, easy to use command line/GUI pre-populated with suitable test data options or select your own, includes coverage for unit testing -This product is Highly Recommended for SIL-2-4 / ASIL-B-D



Aggregator for Coverage data, resolves to a single number, Code Complexity analysis, able to import from multiple sources (sources can be non-VectorCAST, e.g. Tessy® or RTRT®) – This product supports understanding of Project Status and is 'Recommended' for certification in SIL-2-4 and ASILB-D for Coverage and Complexity



Coverage By Analysis, manages data analysis from Formal Methods or Static Analysers, e.g. Klocwork, QAC, Lint etc enables easy transfer to VectorCAST/Cover – Recommended for SIL2-4/ ASILB-D



Provides Test and Analysis of Decision Coverage – Highly Recommended for SIL-3-4 and ASIL-B-D



To link your software requirements capture to your tests and results e.g. with IBM-DOORS®, PTC-Integrity® Siemens-Polarion® Applicable for SIL1-4



VectorCAST/RSP is the module that has the “knowledge” on how to download the VectorCAST test harness to the target, how to initialize it, and how to pass it test cases for execution. It also knows how to capture pass/fail results and code coverage metrics. It works behind the scenes to make testing on target completely automated and transparent.

Application Notes

Title Size Date Version
2.9 MB 15 Mar 2016 03_05

Product Brochure

Title Size Date Version
6.6 MB 08 Mar 2017 01_00

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