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1. Free TriCore Entry Tool Chain

AURIX™ Free Tool Chain



Audo Family Free Tool Chain



2. TASKING VX Toolset for TriCore Lite including AURIX Configuration Tool

This free of charge C-Compiler/Debugger tooling package comes with license validity for one year.

The Lite toolset is derived from the VX-toolset for TriCore and provides:

  • Derivative support for the complete AURIX microcontroller family
  • Eclipse based IDE
  • AURIX Configuration Tool [ACT], BETA 3 Eclipse plug-in
    • TASKING Pin Mapper for AURIX
      • Interacive pin mappings that allow configurable assignments of peripheral modules to physical pins and vice versa
      • graphical device package view
    • TASKING RTOS for TriCore
      • Royalty free TASKING RTOS
      • Configurable Single-Core RTOS for TriCore/AURIX
    • AURIX low level driver [iLLD]
      • Utilization of the Software Platform Builder
    • TASKING Software Platform for AURIX
      • Graphical editor and code generator for AURIX iLLDs
      • Incorporation of initialization code generated by the TASKING Pin Mapper
  • High performance TASKING C compiler
  • Integrated debugger to allow direct connections to all AURIX boards
  • On-chip Flash programing support
  • More details are available in the release notes and lite restriction information
  • Download URL/Registration webpage:





3. DAVE™ 2

  • TriCore™ on-chip peripheral C-code generation tool for AUDO Future and AUDO MAX
  • Intelligent configuration wizzards
  • Easy to use initialization, configuration and driver code for a wide range of TriCore™ microcontroller
  • DAVE 2 product page including download links

Application Notes

Title Size Date Version
2.9 MB 15 Mar 2016 03_05

Product Brochure

Title Size Date Version
6.6 MB 08 Mar 2017 01_00

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