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Company Name and  Weblink Product Name TriCore Description
Accurate Technologies
ATI Serial Interfaces X For those ECU's controlled by a Infineon microprocessor equipped with a debug port such as a JTAG / OCDS port ATI developed the A7 Serial Interface Module. The A7 connects to the microprocessor's debug port providing a direct interface to the ECU for calibration. No additional hardware is required. Most importantly, modify ECU memory without impacting the functionality of the ECU.
IC5000  X The IC5000 is a unified hardware and software platform which, through software
updates, adapts into either a basic debug,  advanced debug (trace, profiler, analyzer)
or test tool for the TriCore ™ product family.
An optional I/O module adds the capability to generate, monitor and trace analog as
well as digital signals. Further voltage, current and power consumption of the target
can be measured.
J&D Tech
CodeViser Emulator X

Circuit Emulator is an In-Circuit Emulator to debug products based on TriCore AURIX. It offers basic and advanced debugging features like standalone downloading, source level debugging, profiling analysis and trace etc.

CVD(CodeViser Debugger) X The CVD is an exclusive debugging software of CodeViser for TriCore AURIX emulator.
It offers Assembly/HLL source level debugging, Simulation, Performance Analysis and MCSD features etc.
Lauterbach Datentechnik GmbH
OCDS Debugger for TriCore X OCDS JTAG Debugger for the TriCore product family
In-Circuit Emulator for TriCore X The TRACE32 In-Circuit Debuggers are highly cost effective tools for debugging on assembler or HLL level. The ICD-Debugger are mainly used as stand-alone debugger on a PC or workstation
UDE/UAD2(+) for TriCore X Universal Debug Engine (UDE) is a powerful debugger for C/C++ applications including
  • Real time data visualization and profiling
  • Programming of on-chip and external FLASH devices
  • Integrated debugging for Peripheral Control Processor (PCP)
  • CAN recorder and debugging via CAN bus
  • Execution time measurement
  • Code trace option (OCDS LII)
  • Eclipse plug-in with unrestricted cross debugger functionality
Together with Universal Access Device 2 (UAD2) it supports all possibilities of the JTAG/OCDS L1 interface like data breakpoints and Trigger transfer recording.
Host interfaces: USB 2.0, IEEE1394 (FireWire)*, 100 MBit Ethernet*, Galvanically isolated target interfaces*, JTAG extender technology*
* UAD2+
UDE/UAD2(+) for TriCore Emulation Devices X Universal Emulation Configurator (UEC) offers the power of TriCore Emulation Devices via a comfortable user interface:
  • Code-, Data- and Bus-Trace
  • Observation of TriCore and PCP in parallel
  • Cache analysis
  • Profiling and Optimization
  • Performance measurement tasks

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