Automotive 24GHz radar development kit

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Based on the Infineon AURIX™ and MMIC BGT24A families

This development kit allows customers to implement and test 24GHz radar applications as Doppler movement detectors, FSK or FMCW range/position measurement. It comprises a BGT24A transceiver MMIC family, e.g. BGTA24ATR12, and an AURIX™ 32-bit radar microcontroller family, e.g. SAK-TC264DA- 40F200, for high-performance signal processing. The device has an FFT acceleration engine and extended memory for radar image storage.
The CPU is already pre-programmed with a sample application which samples up to four of the transceiver chip’s IF channels. The measured results are transmitted via a 10/100 Mbit ethernet connection. The enclosed firmware supports transmission via ethernet and data display on a Windows PC. This platform is therefore a good starting point for proprietary applications.
The development kit includes 10° x 60° patch antennas.


  24 GHz Radar Kit


The kit includes

Range-Doppler radar system with two Rx antennas and one Tx antenna based on  AURIX™ TC264DA and BGT24ATR12 


For more information regarding following topics please send E-mail to

  • Documentation for AURIX™ and BGT24
  • All documents for producing hardware (Gerber files, BOM, schematics)
  • Source code for AURIX™ and PC software (GUI)
  • Documentation including protocol description and start-up guide
  • SW environment for basic motion detection, containing firmware code for motion-detection processing



Development Kit Features

BGT24ATR12 – RF frontend chip

  • Fixed patch antenna or SMA connector
  • Antenna board included
  • Dual analog amplifier stage for each
    Rx channel with a total gain of 55 dB
  • Transparent header with all signals
    from the BGT24ATR12 for external signal processing
  • 50 Ω MCX connector with Q1 signal
    from the RF frontend


TC264DA  – microcontroller for sampling and signal processing of the analog signals onboard

  • Built in CAN connectivity
  • Ethernet as measurement interface
  • Debugging via AURIX™ device access port (DAP)
  • Reset pushbutton
  • Example source code for radar processing



PC Software GUI: Exmaple for target display

  Gui1 Gui

BGT24A RF transceiver IC

Infineon’s BGT24ATR12 is a Silicon Germanium (SiGe) MMIC for signal generation and reception, operating in the 24 GHz ISM band from 24.00 to 24.25 GHz. It is based on a 24 GHz fundamental voltage-controlled oscillator. A switchable frequency prescaler, with output frequencies of 1.5 GHz and 23 kHz, is included. The main RF output delivers typ. 11 dBm signal power to feed an antenna. Output power sensors, as well as a temperature sensor, are implemented for monitoring purposes. The device is controlled via SPI. The MMIC is packaged in a 32-pin leadless RoHs-compliant VQFN package and is AEC-Q100 qualified.



The AURIX™ radar processor family has products ranging from single-core lockstep to triple-core lockstep with an internal memory of up to 2.7 MB SRAM for radar image storage. It also includes radar signal processing with windowing functionality, flexibility in radar signal acquisition with 4x internal ADCs, the option of connecting external ADCs (interface for connecting up to 16-bit ADCs), high-precision input timers, high-precision output timers for DAC, an innovative single supply 5 V or 3.3 V and safety support for ISO 26262 compliance.


  • Antenna included

The design includes 1 Tx-antenna (10 x 60° opening angle) and 2 Rx-antennas (10 x 85° opening angle). This allows tracking of objects at a distance of up to 50 meters. Using range-Doppler and angle-of-arrival technology, several objects can be detected at the same time. Each object is defined by distance, speed, direction, reflectivity and angle.


  • Ethernet connection

The measured results are transmitted via a 10/100 Mbit ethernet connection. The enclosed firmware supports transmission via ethernet and data display on a Windows PC.


  • CAN bus

A CAN bus with a speed of up to 1 Mbit/s is included in the hardware. The measured results are also transmitted via CAN bus using a proprietary protocol.


  • Power supply

The reference design supports input voltages between 8 – 14 VDC. A wall plug adaptor is included in the kit.


  • IF amplifier

The IF signals from the radar frontend are amplified via a two-stage amplifier. This allows an increase in the dynamic range of the TC264D AURIX™ processor.


  • User LEDs/buttons

Additional LEDs and buttons can be accessed from the user software. This allows users to write their own stand-alone software using this hardware.


  • Firmware

The firmware is pre-programmed on the board and also delivered in source code format. This allows users to extend/change the software or use this software as a basis for their own development.


Orderable part number


RF Beam - Support Consultant

Service offerings:

  • Design of custom specific Radar hardware/software for 24GHz, 61GHz and 77GHz
  • Schematics and PCB layout for Radar frontend and Signal processing
  • Software for Radar Signal processing
  • Antenna Design
  • Prototype and Series production




Product Brief

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Application Notes

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Product Brochure

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