TriCore™ for Industrial Application

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     AUDO Family AURIX TM Family


The Microcontroller family based on the TriCore™ offers the best of three worlds: Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC), Complex Instruction Set Computer (CISC) and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) functionality.
With the devices of the AUDO MAX family reaching more than 400 DMIPS at clock rates of up to 300MHz and combining MCU & DSP instructions with an integrated FPU they are ready to meet the most demanding application requirements.
This combination of high calculation performance, large memory sizes, a comprehensive set of peripherals and integrated safety & security measures make these MCUs not only suitable for the automotive market but also the perfect choice for high end industrial applications.
In a global economy, IP protection plays an increasingly important role. This demand is accounted for by the integration of special security modules providing the required means of safe key storage, along with secure boot and encryption on the hardware level.
As one of the leaders in functional safety, Infineon has designed the TriCore™ MCUs to meet the growing demand for functional safety in the industrial market as specified in IEC 61508. Via our cooperation partner Hitex, Infineon offers a complete package comprising a microcontroller, external signature watchdog (CIC61508), software and documentation, achieving safety integrity levels up to SIL3.
The next generation of TriCore™-based microcontrollers – AURIX™ – will provide another significant performance milestone by integrating up to three cores in one device. The multicore concept is targeted at running concurrent applications in parallel.
Some of the integrated cores integrate lockstep functionality and the peripherals can be allocated to individual cores. This allows running a combination of safety-critical tasks, such as controlling an inverter, with non-critical tasks, such as network communication, on a single MCU.
While in the past Infineon has provided special devices to the industrial application area, we will further on deliver the standard derivatives as used for the automotive market. This will significantly improve availability and make it easier to use the available software tools and solutions.


  • High-end servo drives
  • High-performance inverter control (like in renewable energy systems)
  • Programmable logic controllers (with IEC61131-3 support)
  • Mobile controller with rich feature set
  • Supports multi-axis control for application like robotic programs
  • Suitable for harsh environments such as solar inverters & windmills



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