Product Sheet MC-ISAR XC2000

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  Features MC-ISAR XC2000
AUTOSAR version 2.1 for dedicated devices, 3.0/3.1/3.2
MCAL drivers MC-ISAR BASE Basic package
  • MCU
  • WDG
  • GPT
  • SPI
  • Port
  • DIO
  • ICU
  • PWM
  • ADC
MC-ISAR COM Basicpackage
  • CAN (for dedicated devices)
  • CanTrcv (for dedicated devices)
  • LIN
MC-ISAR MEM package
  • Flash
  • FEE (for dedicated devices)
  • RamTest (for dedicated devices)
Configuration tool tresos
Typical Size (near model, Tasking v2.3) MC-ISAR BASE 17,1KB code, 1kB ROM data, 300B RAM data
MC-ISAR COM 6,2KB code, 1,2kB ROM data, 350B RAM data
MC-ISAR MEM 6,7KB code, 70B ROM data, 400B RAM data
Delivery package   Source code, Documentation




Device AUTOSAR version Compiler
- XC2263N, XC2265N, XC2268N, XC2361B, XC2363B, XC2364B, XC2365B, XC2764X (100 pin)
- XC2234N, XC2236N, XC2238N, XC2336B, XC2734X  (64 pin)

Tasking v2.5r1

- XC2285M, XC2286M, XC2287M, XC2385A, XC2387A, XC2785X (144 pin)
- XC2263M, XC2265M, XC2267M, XC2361A, XC2363A, XC2364A, XC2365A, XC2765X  (100 pin)
- XC2237M, XC2238M, XC2336A, XC2735X (64 pin)
Tasking v2.5r1
- XC2297H, XC2298H, XC2299H, XC2797X ( 176 pin)
- XC2288H, XC2289H, XC2387C, XC2388C, XC2787X (144 pin)
Tasking v2.5r1
- XC2230/34L, XC2330/31D, XC2733X (64 pin)
- XC2220/24L, XC2320/21D, XC2723X (48 pin)
Tasking v2.5r1
- XC2220U, XC2320S, XC2722X (48 pin, without FEE, CAN, CanTrcv)
- XC2210U, XC2310S, XC2712X (38 pin, without FEE, CAN, CanTrcv)
Tasking v2.5r1
- XC2268I, XC2269I, XC2361E, XC2367E, XC2368E, XC2768X (100 pin)
- XC2288I, XC2289I, XC2387E, XC2388E, XC2788X (144 pin)
Tasking v2.5r1





Product Brochure

Title Size Date Version
6.6 MB 08 Mar 2017 01_00

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