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AUTOSAR is a standardized automotive software architecture to establish the reuse of software within the automotive area. This is the baseline for enabling a transition from an ECU specific software development to an application oriented approach.

Infineon provides MC-ISAR low-level drivers based on the AUTOSAR MCAL layer. With the MC-ISAR AUTOSAR drivers a system supplier can use one set of standardized basic software drivers over different applications within one configuration tool. By developing MC-ISAR in house at Infineon this enables efficient and optimized drivers. A CMM level 3 certified process is applied for the MC-ISAR drivers.

The complete AUTOSAR suite is provided in close cooperation with software partners which allow to reuse their long term software experience. Thus an optimized AUTOSAR software bundle is available.





MC-ISAR         Micro Controller – Infineon Software ARchitecture

MC-ISAR COM Enhanced:

CAN, CanTrcv, LIN
FlexRay, Ethernet


Access to the microcontroller hardware is routed through the Microcontroller Abstraction Layer. The MCAL layer ensures a standard interface and controls the microcontroller peripherals. Standardized components are

Basic AUTOSAR package MC-ISAR:

  • MCU (Microcontroller Unit) driver: provides services for basic microcontroller initialization, power down functionality, reset and microcontroller specific functions
  • WDG (Watchdog) driver: provides services for initialization, changing the operation mode and triggering the watchdog
  • GPT (General Purpose Timer) driver: uses the hardware timer channels of the general-purpose timer unit
  • SPI handler/driver: provides services for reading from and writing to devices connected via SPI busses (e.g. EEPROM, Watchdog, I/O ASICs).
  • PORT driver: provides the service for initializing the whole PORT structure of the microcontroller. The DIO driver works on pins and ports which are configured by the PORT driver.
  • DIO driver: provides services for reading and writing to/from DIO channels (pins), DIO ports, DIO channel groups
  • ICU (Input Capture Unit) driver: for demodulation of a PWM signal, counting pulses, measuring of frequency and duty cycle, generating simple interrupts and also wakeup interrupts
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) driver: generates pulses with variable pulse width. It allows the selection of the duty cycle and the signal period time.
  • ADC (Analogue Digital Converter) driver: provides services to start and stop a conversion respectively to enable and disable the trigger source for a conversion.



MC-ISAR COM package:

  • CAN driver:  provides services for CAN transmissions
  • CanTrcv CAN transceiver driver: provides services to control the transceiver hardware which detects electrical malfunctions, supports power supply control and wake up via the bus.
  • LIN driver: applies to LIN 2.0 master nodes


MC-ISAR MEM package:

  • FLASH driver: provides services for reading, writing and erasing flash memory and handling write / erase protection
  • FEE driver: provides services for the Flash EEPROM Emulation


In addition to standardized modules AUTOSAR provides the possibility of complex driver for non-standardized hardware module. To efficiently exploit the hardware MCAL Complex Drivers are an essential component for hardware abstraction.


MC-ISAR MCAL CD (MCAL Complex Driver) package:

  • UART driver: provides services for handling the UART communication
  • MEMCeck driver: handles the CRC module
  • FADC (Fast Analogue Digital Converter) driver: provides services for the Fast ADC module
  • Additional driver for non standardized modules are available


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