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Product Name TriCore Version Description Manual and Download
TC1775 Low Level
Driver Package
X v2.0 Includes the following Low Level Driver(LLD)
1. ADC version 2.0
2. ASC version 2.0
3. SSC version 2.0
4. TCAN version 1.0
TC1775 LLD V2.0.exe(1,38 MB)
TC1765 Low Level
Driver Package
X v2.0 Includes the following Low Level Driver(LLD)
1. ASC version 2.0 beta
2. SSC version 2.0
3. TCAN version 2.0

TC1765 LLD v 2.0.exe (2,00 MB)

TC1130 Low Level
Driver Package
X v5.0 Complete LLD package that includes:
1. ASC LLD v2.2
2. SSC LLD v2.2
3. CAN LLD v2.4
4. Ethernet LLD v2.4
5. SYSTEM LLD v3.0
6. USB LLD v4.2

TC1130 LLD v 5.0.exe (10,2 MB)

TC1775 Interactive
Application Notes
X v2.2 Includes the following driver:
- Flywheel Detection
- Camshaft
- Air Bypass Management
- PWM Implementation with GPTA

There are two more sample applications enclosed:
TC1775 IAN v2.2.exe(29,2 MB)
TriLib X v1.3 TriLib is a DSP Library for TriCore , containing more than 60 commonly used DSP routines for
• Complex & Vector Arithmetic
• FIR, IIR, Adaptive Filters
• Fast Fourier, Discrete Cosine Transform
• Mathematical, Matrix, Statistical functions
Select in the downloads whether you require the routines for the GNU or Tasking compiler.

For requests please contact

(4,27 MB)

TriLib GNU V1.30.exe (2,31MB)

TriLib Tasking V1.31.exe (4,27 MB)


Application Notes

Title Size Date Version
2.9 MB 15 Mar 2016 03_05

Product Brochure

Title Size Date Version
7.5 MB 28 Aug 2017 02_00

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