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Infineon’s AURIX 32-bit microcontroller family offers a wide portfolio of compatible devices, with embedded Hardware Security Module (HSM), which offer cost efficient solutions for all typical automotive security applications.





Hardware Security Module (HSM)

HSM provides a secure computing platform, consisting of a 32-bit CPU, special access-protected memory for storing the cryptographic key

and the unique subscriber identifiers, a hardware accelerator for the state-of-the-art AES-128 encryption that can be operated in different modes

and pecific hardware for generation of random numbers. A firewall separates HSM from the rest of AURIX microcontroller.


  • A highly flexible and programmable solution


  • AES128 HW accelerator matching performance for automotive protocols


  • Crypto- and Algorithm Agility by Software


  • AIS31 compliant True Random Number Generator (TRNG) with high Random Entropie over Lifetime


Customer Benefits

  • Secure Platform

HSM provides a secure platform, separated from the rest of the microcontroller by a firewall, thereby creating a trusted execution environment.


  • Security Standard Compliance

Aurix HSM fulfills SHE HIS and Evita Medium standards as well as provide some additional functionalities.


  • Backward Compatibility

Aurix security solutions are backward compatible to security SHE HIS implementations in previous TriCore based microcontroller families.


  • Security Differentiation

Customized secure OEM or Tier1 crypto apps can be processed within trusted HSM execution environment and therefore allow independent HSM specific SW code review in reference to the huge application host SW from multiple parties. This helps to harden the security level by reliably avoiding potential security backdoors.


  • Convergence of security and safety

AURIX microcontrollers address both functional safety as well as IT-security requirements, making sure those are properly integrated and not conflicting with one another.


  • Secure Process

Infineon can provide a secure personalization flow. 1st personalization step usually happens at the Tier1, where initial HSM SW and optional transportation key(s) are injected to the ECU. 2nd personalization step happens at the OEM, where a car specific Individual key(s) are injected. AURIX HSM offers device specific, individual random read-only key. Read-only key can be used for injected keys and make them invisible for the application SW layer.


  • Secure Failure Analysis

For the purpose of preventing unpermitted debug access, AURIX HSM offers 256 bit password for debugger access protection. It is possible to create car specific debugger password, which can be stored in OEM/TIER1 data base or generated by secret algorithm. Destructive Debugger Entry functionality opens debugger access but initiates a persistent destructive action - device gets inoperable in native ECU car environment.


Product Brochure

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Application Notes

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