TC1797 (AUDO Future)

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The TC1797 is the performance optimized flagship of the AUDO FUTURE product family designed for automotive applications. Its 180MHz award-winning TriCore CPU provides high-end microcontroller performance combined with sophisticated DSP capabilities.

A dedicated peripheral control processor (PCP) manages on-chip peripherals and relieves the TriCore from standard processing tasks. On top of this, a fast interrupt response time assures low latencies and low performance overhead for interrupt driven systems. Equipped with 4MByte of embedded Flash and a total of 224Kbyte RAM the TC1797 is one of the highest performing devices for embedded real-time automotive applications. The device is the top end of the AUDO FUTURE product family which covers the complete range from the very high end to very low cost. The comprehensive tool support emphasizes the great scalability of the family products.


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SAK-TC1797-512F180EF AC  


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180.0 MHz
224.0 kByte

Data Sheet

Title Size Date Version
2.2 MB 07 Aug 2014 01_03

Product Brief

Title Size Date Version
172 KB 07 Jul 2009

Delta Sheet

Title Size Date Version
715 KB 20 Dec 2010 01_00

User Manual

Title Size Date Version
12.4 MB 10 Nov 2016 01_10


Title Size Date Version
392 KB 01 Feb 2010

Application Notes

Title Size Date Version
2.9 MB 15 Mar 2016 03_05
1.1 MB 03 Feb 2011 01_00
1.2 MB 30 Apr 2010 01_00
466 KB 04 Oct 2010 01_00
801 KB 30 Apr 2014 01_04
1.4 MB 08 Dec 2008 01_01
1.3 MB 08 Dec 2008 01_01
593 KB 10 Jan 2012 02_05
333 KB 16 May 2013 03_00
398 KB 09 Dec 2010 01_01
1.6 MB 01 May 2010 01_00
2.8 MB 03 Jan 2012 01_01
1 MB 26 Oct 2011 01_00
2.3 MB 20 Mar 2013 01_00

Errata Sheet

Title Size Date Version
3.9 MB 05 Jul 2012 01_04


Title Size Date Version
3.6 MB 28 Dec 2010


Title Size Date Version
1 MB 25 Jan 2008

Product Brochure

Title Size Date Version
6.6 MB 08 Mar 2017 01_00

Evaluation Boards

Board Family Description Status
KIT_TC1797_SK Microcontroller For evaluation kit for the TC1197/TC1797 including Getting Started, technical documentation, evaluation versions for compiler and debugger, USB cable, power supply and extension board.
  • TC1197
  • TC1797
active and preferred
KIT_MINIWIGGLER_3_USB Microcontroller High-Performance and Cost-Effective interface to the 10-pin DAP and 20-pin Automotive JTAG connector
    active and preferred

    Simulation Models

    Title Size Date Version
    1.5 MB 12 Dec 2007 01_00

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