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Drone Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) with XMC™, Gate Driver, OptiMOS


This solution is provided as a Virtual Design. A Virtual Design is not available as an orderable kit from Infineon. The solution may have been developed by simulation, or/and on prototype boards whereby performance indicators are captured correspondingly by simulation or on prototype boards. PCB and software files are provided as part of each Virtual Design.


This solution demonstrates the implementation of Sensorless FOC as Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) in quadcopter application. It implemented with key software functions, a step-by-step implementation, and linking up with µC/Probe XMC. Users will be able to fine-tune FOC example software which is easy scalability for quadcopter ESC applications.

Parametric VD_DRONE_FOC_ESC_01
Product Name   Drone Electronic Speed Controller Virtual Design
Configuration   -
Configuration   -
Configuration   BSC0925ND
Configuration   IR2301S
Configuration   XMC1302
Family   -
Family   -
Family   Gate Driver
Family   MOSFET
Family   Microcontroller
Target Application   Motor Control & Drives
Qualification   Industrial
Type   Virtual Design
Topology   3-Phase Motor
Input Type   DC

PCB Design Data

Title Size Date Version
65 KB 24 Nov 2016 01_00
2.7 MB 24 Nov 2016 01_00

PCB Design Data

Title Size Date Version
65 KB 24 Nov 2016 01_00
2.7 MB 24 Nov 2016 01_00

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Title Size Date Version
2.4 MB 24 Nov 2016 01_00