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List of available RTOS and Middleware solutions for the XMC1000 family and the XMC4000 family


Company Name and  Weblink Product Name Supported XMC Products Tool Description
ARM MDK-Professional XMC1000 family,
XMC4000 family
The MDK-ARM is a complete software development environment. The MDK-Professional includes a full set of Middleware Libraries such as: RTX Real-time Operating System, TCP/IP Networking Suite, Flash Files System Library, USB Device Interface, USB Host Interface, CAN driver Library, GUI Library. XMC1000 family is only supported with relevant middleware.
XMC4500 series Real-Time Multi-Tasking Operating System for Microprocessors, Microcomputers and DSPs: Supports nested interrupts; No royalties on embedded code; All source code supplied; Extremely fast context switch times; Very low interrupt latency times; Scheduler and interrupt handler written in assembly for speed and optimization; All CMX functions contained in library; User configurable; Task management; Event management Timer management; Message management; Circular queue management; Resource management; Semaphore management; Fixed block memory management; Specialized UART management; Automatic power down management; Full pre-emption and ability to also have cooperative and time slice scheduling
CANopen Stack
CANopen Bootloader
CANopen DeviceDesigner
CANopen DeviceExplorer
CANopen UpdateManager
XMC4000 family emtas provides industrial communication protocol stacks for CAN/CANopen, innovative and reliable tools, training, consulting, test and development services. Downlaod package for XMC4500 .
ThreadX XMC1000 family,
XMC4000 family
ThreadX is an industrial proven Real Time Operating System with over a billion deployments. ThreadX has been certified by SGS-TÜV Saar for use in safety-critical systems, according to IEC-61508 and IEC-62304. The certification confirms that ThreadX can be used in the development of safety-related software for the highest safety integrity levels of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).
Unique Features: Small Footprint; Fast Response, Instant On; Certification Pack for safety critical applications, Easy to Use .
Real Time engineers LTD
FreeRTOS XMC4000 family,
XMC1000 family
FreeRTOS is a market leading RTOS from Real Time Engineers Ltd. that supports 33 architectures and receives 77500 downloads a year. It is professionally developed, strictly quality controlled, robust, supported, and free to embed in commercial products without any requirement to expose your proprietary source code Download official supported XMC4500 demo: http://www.freertos.org/a00090.html#INFINEON
hcc embedded
MISRA compliant TCP/IP Stack (IPv4/IPv6)
USB Device Stack
USB Host Stack
Full support for USB OTG
Various File systems
Failsafe Boot-loader
eTaskSync cooperative scheduler
XMC4000 family HCC's advanced middleware such as high-speed USB and MISRA compliant TCP/IP Is the perfect high performance complement to the XMC4000 family, powerful Cortex based microcontrollers http://www.hcc-embedded.com/targetdevices/infineon/xmc4000


TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP and Telnet Server modules

XMC4500 series,

XMC4400 series

InterNiche Technologies offers small, robust and efficient , networking solutions. In particular emb object code libraries. emb libraries are low cost object code versions of our TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP and Telnet Server modules for Infineon XMC4400/4500. These modules are ideal for companies that have low volume production or run out of budgets required for source code. Libraries are pre-compiled for DAVE and IAR tool chains and include FreeRTOSä operating system. Because the emb libraries utilize industry well documented standard APIs and come with examples, network-enabling your product is as straightforward as linking your application to the included O/S. Visit www.tcpipstack.com for more detailed information.

XMC4500 series,
XMC4400 series
Micriµm's µC/OS-III is a real-time multitasking kernel distinguished for being highly portable, ROMable, scalable, preemptive and deterministic. The kernel has been ported to many microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs including our Infineon XMC4500. Ready to run example projects for the XMC4500 are available from the following link: http://micrium.com/page/downloads/os-iii_projects.
 CANopen Stack XMC4000 family

Numerous companies worldwide benefit from our CANopen protocol stacks. The CANopen protocol stacks have been developed to combine both low storage requirements and an optimized performance range. We offer the solution for various needs: our CANopen Master for complex control systems, CANopen Slave for the development of intelligent sensors and actuators and CANopen Bootloader for programming via the CAN interface. The functionality of the protocol stack is verified through the conformance test tool of CiA.

CANopen XMC4500 series Port offers a complete and consistent selection of development tools, consultation, support, CAN accessories as well as complete solution of customer specific requirements This includes a CANopen Design Tool, CANopen Library, CAN Analyzer and Configuration tools.
emWin (Graphic Software & GUI)
embOS (Real Time Operating System)
emFile (File System)
emUSB (USB Device Stack)
emUSB Host (USB Host Stack)
embOS/IP (TCP/IP Stack)
XMC4000 family,
XMC1000 family
Feature-rich, high-performance family of middleware with a very small footprint and outstanding documentation. The software is very easy to use and works out of the box.
TCP/IP XMC4500 series SEVENSTAX offers one of the smallest, most efficient implementations of the Internet protocols and applications - specially designed for the requirements of embedded programming. These implementations are stable, reliable, scalable and can be easily integrated into existing software.
USB Firmware XMC4500 series Generic firmware library for Embedded USB devices and embedded USB host controllers. Easy to customize and enhance upon modular concept


Product Selection Guide

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Application Notes

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