µC/Probe™ XMC™ for Infineon industrial microcontrollers powered by Micrium®

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Graphically visualizes the internals of XMC™ 32-bit ARM ® based microcontrollers


The free-of-charge version µC/Probe™ XMC™ is a derivative of µC/Probe™ developed by Micrium® working with XMC™ microcontrollers only. µC/Probe™ XMC™ is a Windows based application that allows you to read and write the memory of XMC™ microcontrollers during run-time in a non-intrusive way and with a graphical dashboard to fine-tune your application.


  • Generate your own user interface (UI) by dragging and dropping of controls and indicators. No programming is required. Drag and drop the graphic components into place and watch them
  • Real-time monitoring and instant control of global variables and memory in non-intrusive way
  • Use µC/Probe™ for XMC™ to extend the capabilities of your debugging software by running both at the same time
  • Support for different communication standards to simply connect your application – J-Link, CMSIS-DAP, TCPP/IP, USB and RS-232

As an example, visualize real-time data of time critical control loops in motor control or digital power conversion with an 8 channel digital oscilloscope. The oscilloscope can simply be instrumented with a target code that allows configurations like sample frequency and sample buffer size. The datas are visualized in a GUI running on a PC and enabling sophisticated features like negative/positive, pre/post, single/continuous trigger to exactly capture important real-time data to analyze and optimize the application code.


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Getting Started

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CoolMOS™ CE – a New Market Leading Superjunction Generation


μC/Probe™ XMC™ – Peek inside XMC™ microcontroller

Visualize, observe, and control the internal of XMC™ MCUs in a powerful and seamless way. Simple build your own user interface. Drag and drop visually appealing indicators and controls. Easy connect with your target by choosing one of the available communication interfaces and methods – non-intrusive, hot-plug – to peek inside XMC™ during runt-time. uC/Probe™ for XMC™ MCUs a free-of-charge tool enabling prototyping, debugging, trouble-shooting, fine-tuning and showcasing of your application in a professional way.

Length 3:15


CoolMOS™ CE – a New Market Leading Superjunction Generation


Micriµm® Embedded Software and µC/Probe™

Micrium’s µC/Probe is a Windows application that allows you to read and write the memory of any embedded target processor during run-time, and map those values to a set of virtual controls and indicators placed on a graphical dashboard. Absolutely no programming is required – simply drag and drop the graphic components into place, and watch them go.

Length 1:39


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