MatrikonOPC UA Embedded Software Development Kit for XMC4000 MCU Family

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MatrikonOPC UA Embedded Suite for Microcontroller

Industrie 4.0 and IIoT ready OPC UA connectivity are rapidly transforming how M2M communications, control automation, and device-to-enterprise communications are implemented.


In this emerging hyper-connected world, even the smallest devices will be expected to support secure standards-based data connectivity. Selected as the connectivity standard of choice for Industrie 4.0 applications, OPC UA is the single, most important data connectivity standard vendors need to implement in their devices to ensure their products can take part in and compete in the new world.


The MatrikonOPC UA Embedded Software Development Kit (SDK) is the fastest, easiest way to OPC UA enable your Infineon based systems using XMC4000 MCU family. Without having to learn the intricacies of OPC UA and not having to debug OPC UA server implementations, the MatrikonOPC UA Embedded SDK lets you confidently take your OPC UA enabled product to market faster.


 Features  Benefits  System requirements
  •  Reconfigurable, on the fly, address space
  • Flexible number of sessions, subscriptions, monitored items and node counts - solely dependent on resources
  • ANSI C linkable software
  • No heap memory allocation
  • Single source distribution: Use same SDK for all target platforms
  • XMC™ MCUs - XMC4000 family
  •  Fast drop-in UA server design
  • Stable thanks to no-heap design
  • Smallest RAM footprint: embed OPC UA in existing products, no hardware upgrades
  • Scalable functionality: use one UA SDK across all product lines
  • Continuous SDK updates ensure your products support latest OPC UA standard
  • Expert support for fastest ramp-up
  •  Written in C++
  • Program using Ansi C, C++, or Java (JNI)
  • Requires C++ compiler that conforms with ISO/IEC 14882:1998 (C++98)
  • Supports 32-bit processors and higher e.g. XMC4000 MCU family


MatrikonOPC UA Embedded SDK

Datasheet and Whitepaper

Hands-On Training

OPC UA Embedded Server Software Development Syllabus

Get your MatrikonOPC UA Embedded SDK Development License



Application Notes

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Product Selection Guide

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Product Brief

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