Embedded Graphics Library for TFT Displays

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For EPSON TFT CTRL ICs, XMC™ microcontrollers and DAVE™ IDE

Professional, discrete and scalable TFT display control solutions

The EPSON Graphics Library/API is a software library designed to enable and simplify the process of displaying graphics and text on a TFT panel by using a general purpose XMC™ microcontroller connected to an EPSON TFT CTRL ICs (S1D13781) in a discrete and scalable system approach like shown below:




Thanks to the free-of-charge library/API for DAVE™ IDE, a comprehensive documentation and a Arduino hardware compatible shield board (S5U13781R01C100), user can easy experience the system performance and benefits that a discrete system approach offers:

  • Up to 7“ displays (up to 800x480 resolution)
  • Free-of-charge TFT display control library/API
  • Easy-to-use and scale MCU and TFT CRTL ICs
  • Best-in-class hardware graphic acceleration
  • Enable reduction of PCB layer and system cost
  • Embedded Video Memory


EPSON Display Controllers

EPSON TFT graphic library and documentation for XMC™ and DAVE™

XMC™ Industrial Microcontroller Kits and Boards

Product Selection Guide

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Application Notes

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2.9 MB 15 Mar 2016 03_05

Embedded Graphics Library for TFT Displays. For EPSON TFT S1D13781 CTRL ICs and XMC™ microcontrollers within DAVE™ IDE

Easy TFT display control, combining XMC™ microcontroller with EPSON S1D13781 TFT CTRL IC. The S1D13781 embedded graphic accelerator and video memory is controlled by EPSON’s free-of-charge Graphics Library/API running on XMC™ MCU. System resource free-up, scalability up to 7“ displays and 800x480 resolution, and exciting HMI experience are only some of the benefits.
More Information: www.infineon.com/epson

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