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DAVE™ is a high-productivity development platform for the XMC microcontroller portfolio.
DAVE™ to simplify and shorten SW development by offering a SW library which allow efficiently use the innovative application-optimized peripherals, called DAVE™ APPs.
DAVE™ APPs are software blocks which can be configured for a wide range of application by using a GUI.
The generated code can be used via well documented APIs directly in DAVE™ or can be imported in 3rd party compiler tools.


Dave-customer IP Dave-customer IP

SW developers can focus to the

important IP and leave the rest to DAVE™

DAVE™ APPs Overview

(List of DAVE APPs)





(Version 3)

















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DAVE™ Basic Facts
  • Eclipse CDT based IDE with improved project management
  • GNU C-Compiler tools
  • Debugger incl. Flash loader
  • Code generation plug-in with graphical user interfaces
  • A resource solver provides automatic or constrained
    assignment of chip resources to the DAVE™ Apps
  • Library manger to download and manage the DAVE™ Apps
  • Data visualization tool xSPY
  • Can be used with 3 rd party tools and SW
  • DAVE™ supports the XMC1000 and XMC4000 family




Forum Knowledge Base
Support 3 rd Parties Ecosystem



xSPY is a free and flexible plug-in for DAVE™ to visualize data and to create an interface dashboard to control XMC target applications.

With xSPY and the DAVE™ App DBG002 it is possible to instrument the application software to add trace capabilities and to visualize the trace data on the PC. Vice versa, variables can be modified from a freely definable PC dashboard.


Main Features:

  • Real-time streaming of data from the XMC target to the PC
  • Visualization of streaming data on an oscilloscope
  • Reading and modifying of variables on demand from a PC dashboard
  • Communication via UART and virtual COM to the PC (Segger J-Link Lite OBD)


xSPY: Download Item Description
Tutorial that covers how to use xSPY and the DBG002 App to visualized trace data on the PC
Note: The tutorial is based on the XMC4000 examples, but it can be used for the XMC1000 only the number of waverforms generated are less.
Example project for XMC4400 to generate various signals and to stream them via DBG002 to xSPY and to display them on the digital oscilloscope. xmc4400_dbg002_xspy.exe
Example project for XMC4200 to generate various signals and to stream them via DBG002 to xSPY and to display them on the digital oscilloscope. xmc4200_dbg002_xspy.exe
Example project for XMC1100 to generate a signals and to stream them via DBG002 to xSPY and to display them on the digital oscilloscope. xmc1100_dbg002_xspy.exe

Product Selection Guide

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Application Notes

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