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Company Name and  Weblink Product Name XE166 Description
WriteNow! Series X WriteNow! Multiple In-System Programmers are universal ISP tools that can program up to eight devices simultaneously, at the maximum theoretical speed for any given device, and are especially designed for the production environment. The compact size and versatile interfaces of WriteNow! programmers allow them to be conveniently and easily integrated into automatic test equipment (ATE) and programming and testing fixtures.
1600 Universal Programmer X The 1600 is the ultimate engineering device programmer. In terms of speed, device support, ease-of-use and flexibility, the 1600 is unsurpassed.
Data_I_O logo farbig 300dpi
Data I/O
FlashCORE III programming architecture X This technology keeps production processes running at maximum velocity for devices and files of any size. It offers significant performance gains by increasing download and read/write speeds by a factor of ten and supports the latest high density flash memory devices. It's compatible with all existing FlashCORE algorithms and adapters and has the largest library of NAND support and Bad Block Schemes. FlashCORE III is available for manual programmer FlashPAK III, just-in time programming feeder RoadRunner and automated offline programming and handling system PS series PS388 and PS588.
BeeProg X Extremely fast universal 48 pindrivers programmer. Programmer can be connected to PC through LPT or USB interface. Programmer offers possibility of multiprogramming by attaching more programmers to PC through USB.
BeeProg+ X Extremely fast universal 48 pindrivers programmer with ISP capable. Programmer can be connected to PC through LPT or USB interface. Programmer offers possibility of multiprogramming by attaching more programmers to PC through USB.
BeeHive4+ X Extremely fast universal 4x 48-pindrive concurrent multiprogramming system with ISP capability. Programmer is connected to PC through USB interface.
BeeHive8S X Extremely fast universal 8x 48-pindrive Stand-Alone concurrent multiprogramming system with ISP capabality.



ertec GmbH

Offline-Programming Systems PGS67 / Robotics Beaver

OnBoard/Inline Programming Solutions using PGS80/85 or ertius (NEW !)

Premium IC Programming Service

X For more than 30 years, ertec has been one of the market leaders in terms of designing innovative solutions on device programming. In particular, as a system supplier, we provide you with competent solutions all around device programming. This comprises the full spectrum commencing with consulting, the effective hardware equipment, the implementation in your plant, all the way up to our IC Programming services.The three pillars of the company ertec are:
  • Offline-Programming Systems PGS67 / Robotics Beaver
  • OnBoard/Inline Programming Solutions using PGS80/85 or ertius (NEW !)
  • Premium IC Programming Service
ALL-100 X ALL-100 family is a universal device programmer. Up to 8 sets of ALL-100 can be connected to a PC through USB ports for time consumption devices in order to make maximum programming.
Hitex Development Tools
Tantino Service Flasher Tool XC166 X JTAG Service Flasher Tool with convenient User Interface for flashing internal and external FLASH devices. USB powered connection to the PC
XC-Flasher X JTAG based FLASH programmer supporting 1 to 16 devices to programm internal and extenal FLASH devices.
Hse-electronics GmbH
FLASHit X High speed FLASH- programming-tool for C16x and XC16x -target system (and their derivatives) with internal or/and external FLASH-memory via RS232.
Infineon Technologies AG
MemTool X MemTool is a free of charge software designed for On- Chip  FLASH programming only. To download the MemTool please go to Software Downloads .



OpteeQ S-Series X Opteeq S-Series is ultra-fast, industrial grade, in-system programmer. It universally supports different types of programming interfaces and silicon architectures. Thanks to its compact size software library, S-Series can be easily integrated into other production equipment, e.g., functional or circuit testing machines, testing fixtures, etc. Additionally, S-Series can be also used as desk-top programmer. To satisfy various output volumes, S-Series offers models with 1, 4, or 8 physical programming channels. Its capability to work stably and protection to target circuit make S-Series an excellent choice for mass production of automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics.
UDE-MemTool X UDE/MemTool offers secure and high speed programming for on-chip and external FLASH devices via JTAG, CAN bus or serial interfaces. It supports special functions like protection and whole FLASH erase. Production FLASH tools and Service FLASHER are available too.
UDE/MemTool Gang-Programmer with UAD2(+) X Secure and high speed FLASH/OTP programming for production via JTAG, CAN bus or serial lines. Software interface COM allows standardized integration in customer's production environment. JTAG Extender technology (UAD2+) is useful especially for needle adapters.
software tools
MSP1000NET programmer
MSP2000NET programmer
in-line systems
semi-automated systems
fully-automated systems
LIN Bootloader and tools
integration support
X Promik is a unique company, because of our deep expertise with programmable microcontroller architectures, that is implemented in a full range of trussed hardware and software solutions, supported by rigorous attention to quality and a 15-years track record of enabling their customer successes.
SMH Technologies ™

FlashRunner is the first complete production In-System programmer specifically designed for manufacturing lines. FlashRunner is targeted at production environments, easily integrates into your programming system or Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), and can work either in full standalone mode or controlled by a host system. In addition, it offers the flexibility to support a full range of current and future Infineon microcontrollers, including the XC166, XE166, XC800 and XC2000 families.

FR01M01 X FlashRunner FR01M01 is targeted at production environments, easily and seamlessly integrates on test fixtures and can work either in full standalone mode or controlled by a host system. FlashRunner FR01M01 provides connections for programming up to eight ISP sites thanks to the built-in ISP lines multiplexing.
Quasar Universal Programmer X Stag's Quasar Plus PC based universal programmer is designed for engineering or production use. Interchangeable modules provide socketing for various device packages including DIP, PLCC, TSOP, PSOP, QFP, PGA and BGA.
Super Pro 3000 Universal Programmer X Superpro Line of programmers program ICs such as Eprom, Flash and Serial Roms, PAL/PLDs, MCUs, etc.


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