C166®S V2 Architecture & Core

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C166®S V2 is a member of the most recent generation of the popular C166® microcontroller cores. C166®S V2 combines high performance with enhanced modular architecture. It was developed to provide easy migration from standard existing C16x to the new C166®S V2 core with its impressive DSP performance and advanced interrupt handling. The system architecture inherits successful hardware and software concepts that have been established in the C16x 16-bit microcontroller families.


C166® code compatibility enable re-use of existing code. This dramatically reduces the time-tomarket for new product development.

The following features position C166®S V2 strategically for contemporary and emerging markets for performance hungry real-time applications:

  • High CPU performance. Single clock cycle execution doubles the performance at the same CPU frequency (relative to the performance of the C166®).

  • Built-in advanced MAC unit dramatically increases DSP performance.

  • High Internal Program Memory bandwidth and the instruction fetch pipeline significantly improve program flow regularity and optimize fetches into the execution pipeline.

  • Sophisticated Data Memory structure and multiple high-speed data buses provide transparent data access (0 cycles) and broad bandwidth for efficient DSP processing.

  • Advanced exceptions handling block with multi-stage arbitration capability yields stellar interrupt performance with extremely small latency.

  • Upgraded Peripheral Event Controller supports efficient and flexible DMA features to support a broad range of fast peripherals.

  • Highly modular architecture and flexible bus structure provide effective methods of integrating application-specific peripherals to produce customer-oriented derivatives.

User Manual

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5.3 MB 02 Jan 2012 01_07

Application Notes

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2.9 MB 15 Mar 2016 03_05

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