OptiMOS™ 5 40V/60V

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Shrink your design and boost efficiency

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AC-DC designers face the challenge of improving system efficiency and power density whilst at the same time reducing system costs. Infineon’s OptiMOS™ 5 40V and 60V families feature 15% lower R DS (on) and 31% lower Figure of Merit (R DS (on) x Q g) compared to alternative devices thus are the perfect answer to these challenges.

These products are optimized for synchronous rectification in switched mode power supplies (SMPS) as well as a broad range of industrial applications such as motor control, solar micro inverters and fast switching DC-DC converters.

In addition with the new generation of 40V and 60V devices higher switching frequencies are now enabled which result in even higher power density. A monolithic integrated Schottky-like diode in the 40V SuperSO8 package (5mm x 6mm) leads to higher efficiency and a drastic reduction of the voltage overshoot. This in turn reduces the need for a snubber circuit and saves engineering effort and cost.


Features Benefits Applications
  • 1 st industry’s 1mΩ 40V and 1.4mΩ 60V in SuperSO8
  • Monolithic Integrated Schottky-like diode
  • RoHS compliant - halogen free
  • MSL1 rated
  • Highest system efficiency and power density
  • Very low voltage overshoot
  • Reduces the need for a snubber circuit
  • Less device paralleling required
  • Reduction of engineering cost and effort

Evaluation boards

5kW inverter stage of high power motor control

This board is showing the performance of Infineon's Power MOSFET family OptiMOS™ in the new TO-Leadless package in terms of parallelization and thermal behavior. 

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Product portfolio OptiMOS™ 5 40V

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 R DS(on) max. SuperSO8 S308

















* Monolithic integrated Schottky like diode


Product portfolio OptiMOS™ 5 60V

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R DS(on) max.  SuperSO8 S308 TO-220 I²PAK TO-Leadless
0.7 mΩ         IPT007N06N*
1-2 mΩ







2-4 mΩ









4-6 mΩ   BSZ042N06NS



6-10 mΩ








*Evaluation board available:  5kW inverter stage of high power motor control


R DS(on) max. D²PAK D²PAK 7pin DPAK TO-220 FullPAK
1-2 mΩ  




2-4 mΩ




4-6 mΩ





6-10 mΩ       IPA060N06N



Product Selection Guide

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1.2 MB 17 Aug 2015 01_00
22.2 MB 21 Feb 2017 00_00

Product Brief

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436 KB 30 Jun 2017 01_00
753 KB 01 Feb 2014

Application Brochure

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340 KB 23 Oct 2015 01_00
199 KB 18 Sep 2017 02_00
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Application Notes

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701 KB 30 Nov 2015 01_00
2 MB 01 Dec 2016 01_00
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970 KB 19 Oct 2016 01_01
654 KB 17 Sep 2013 01_00
663 KB 01 Dec 2012 01_00
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Title Size Date Version
301 KB 27 Jun 2014
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2.2 MB 20 May 2014


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852 KB 30 Nov 2012
550 KB 01 May 2012
722 KB 20 May 2015 01_00
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418 KB 01 Jun 2012

Evaluation Boards

Board Family Description Status
EVAL_IPT015N10N5_TOLL MOSFET Evaluation Board for an inverter stage of high power motor control applications such as forklifts or low speed cars, available in five RDS(on) variants
  • 100V IPT015N10N5 1.5mΩ
  • 100V IPT020N10N3 2.0mΩ
  • 150V IPT059N15N3 5.9mΩ
  • 60V IPT007N06N 0.75mΩ
  • 80V IPT012N08N5 1.2mΩ
on request
EVAL_800W_PSU_4P_C7 MOSFET, Gate Driver This 800W evaluation board is intended to be a form, fit and function testplatform for server applications to show operation of the 600V CoolMOS C7, 650V SiC Diode , Optimos 40V, Quasi Resonat Flyback (QR) and XMC 1400/4200 controller.The evaluation board is designed around the Infineon 600V CoolMOS 4-Pin device and the cost effective Optimos 40V Technology to show switching performance and power density design .
    active and preferred

    Simulation Models

    Title Size Date Version
    899 KB 28 Aug 2015 01_00
    1.1 MB 02 Nov 2016 01_00
    OptiMOS™ 5 40V/60V - Shrink Your Design And Boost Efficiency

    OptiMOS™ 5 40V/60V - shrink your design and boost efficiency

    Infineon’s OptiMOS™ 5 40V/60V support high efficiency and power density with the lowest on-state resistance RDS(on) and optimized switching behavior. The new devices are optimized for synchronous rectification in switched mode power supplies (SMPS) such as those deployed in servers and desktop PCs. In addition, they are a perfect choice for a broad range of industrial applications such as motor control, solar micro inverter and fast switching DC-DC converter.

    Length 5:36
    OptiMOS™ 5 40V/60V - höchste Leistungsdichte und Systemwirkungsgrad

    OptiMOS™ 5 40V/60V - höchste Leistungsdichte und Systemwirkungsgrad

    Infineons OptiMOS™ 5 40V/60V kombiniert höchste Effizient und Leistungsdichte mit dem derzeit industrieweit niedrigsten Einschaltwiederstand und optimiertem Schaltverhalten. Die neuen Leistungs-MOSFETs sind speziell für die Synchron-Gleichrichtung in Schaltnetzteilen (SMPS) wie zum Beispiel in Servern und Desktop-PCs optimiert. Zudem sind sie bestens geeignet für viele Industrieanwendungen wie Motorsteuerungen, Solar Mikro-Inverter und schnell schaltende DC-DC-Wandler.

    Length 4:27

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