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DAVE™ Drive … Turns your motor with a few mouse clicks

The DAVE™ Drive auto-code generator provides application code for a complete motor control system:


New version V1.9.1 available for free download! 
This version includes new devices support for XE161 and it includes the generation of a ready to use reference project with extended capabilities to influence the control algorithm.


DAVE™ Drive:

  • Shortens the evaluation time for motor control developers significantly as the motor control code can be generated via a GUI instead of handwriting some thousands lines of code
  • Gives hardware engineers easy access to electronic systems
  • Uses the full power of Infineon’s microcontroller, e.g. it generates optimized algorithm code for devices which usually requires expert knowledge in both motor control and assembler programming.




By making DAVE™ Drive available as a free download, customers of all sizes can quickly implement advanced motor control techniques using Infineon’s powerful components for motor control.


Key Features:
  • Motor types: BLDC, PMSM, Induction motor
  • BLDC Control algorithm:
    • Sinusoidal Commutation: Sensorless Field Oriented Control (Single shunt current measurement)
    • Trapezoidal commutation using HALL sensors and Sensorless BEMF Zero Crossing detection
  • Induction motor Control algorithm:
  • V/Hz Openloop Speed control
  • Microcontrollers:
    • 8-bit XC800: XC878CLM, XC888CLM, XC886CLM, XC866, XC864, XC824, XC836
    • 16-bit XE166 microcontroller series: XE164F (Classic Series), XE162FN (N Series), XE162FM (N Series), XE161FL (L Series)
  • Flexibly generates optimized code and is not based on static libraries
  • Supports user specific motor & Power board configurations
  • Configures Infineon’s powerful and flexible motor control peripherals
  • Includes User Manuals & Algorithm parameter calculations
  • Helps designers to quickly and easily implement advanced motor control techniques on low-cost components
  • Is pre-configured for Infineon’s  3-phase high voltage Motor Drive Applications Kit ( KIT_AK_3PHASE_DRIVE_V1 ) and the low voltage DAvE Drive Application Kit ( KIT_AK_DaveDrive_V3 )  

DAVE™ Bench

DAVE™ Bench is a free and easy to use development tool set for the XC800 family. Now the version 2 of DAVE™ Bench is available. It supports the entire XC800 family of microcontrollers with new features to make SW development fast and easy.



Easy to use:

DAVE™ Bench is based on Eclipse and it is tailored for fast success and ease of use:

  • Active project defines the project in the workspaces for clear assignments of operations like build, debug, edit,….
  • A dedicated interface to DAVE™ allows easy import of code generated by DAVE and tow switch between both tools. To use all new features the most recent version of DAVE should be downloaded
  • Easy search and access to online project examples right from DAVE™ Bench
  • Automatic update of DAVE™ features from an Infineon server
  • DAVE™ Bench specific help documentation including a quick start video tutorial
  • Online information update and technical support



DAVE™ Bench provides complete set of development tools and utilities:

  • SDCC compiler optimized for XC800 family with a complete library and an easy to use build management
  • HiTOP Eclipse Debugger for convenient level 1 debugging. All Infineon HW kits are supported including miniWiggler, USB Wiggler and Drive Monitor
  • Instruction set simulator for testing of algorithms.
  • FLOAD is a Flash loader to download the hex code to the target via JTAG, UART-BSL or LIN-BSL
  • U-SPY is a UART terminal program to supporting message filter, send messages and to visualize received data including a digital oscilloscope.


Application Notes

Title Size Date Version
2.9 MB 15 Mar 2016 03_05

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