650V CoolMOS™ CFD2

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Balance between efficiency and robustness with fast body diode



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A recent trend in high power conversion is the move toward higher and higher power density. High power density can be achieved best by resonant switching topologies such as zero voltage or zero current switching, which enable higher efficiency by eliminating the turn-on losses.


Key features Key benefits Applications
  • First 650V technology with integrated fast body diode on the market
  • Limited voltage overshoot during hard commutation
  • Significant Qg reduction compared to 600V CFD technology
  • Tighter R DS(on) max to R DS(on) typ window
  • Easy to design-in
  • Lower price compared to 600V CFD technology
  • Low switching losses due to low Q rr at repetitive commutation on body diode
  • Self limiting di/dt and dv/dt
  • Low Q oss
  • Reduced turn-on / turn-off delay times
  • Outstanding CoolMOS™ quality



Example of a ZVS based power converter using CoolMOS™ CFD2


CoolMOS™ CFD2 is Infineon’s latest series with an integrated fast body diode. It is the ideal choice for high power applications such as in telecom and server markets, in which high efficiency levels need to be reached while not compromising on highest reliability and ease-of-use.


Highest ease-of-use for fast design-in

CoolMOS™ CFD2 comes with a very low voltage overshoot and minimal ringing behaviour. Reduced gate spikes combined with the high safety margin of 200V along with enable fast design-in without the need for additional ringing control.


Higher efficiency performance in mid-load to full-load conditions

CoolMOS™ CFD2 offers efficiency benefits of up to 0.6% over competing products in the critical range of mid-load to full-load conditions.




Highest reliability from lowest reverse recovery charge and reverse reovery time

Hard commutation prevails in ZVS topologies and requires a device with excellent fast body diode performance mainly dependent on a low Q rr (reverse recovery charge) and T rr (reverse recovery time). 



The fast reverse recovery of CoolMOS™ CFD2 offers designers the benefits of

  • Reduce stress on the device while body Diode is not fully recovered and
  • Extra safety margin for repetitive hard commutation in designs which translates into reduced design-in effort



Product portfolio 650V CoolMOS™ CFD2

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R DS(on) [mΩ] TO-252 DPAK TO-262 I 2PAK TO-263 D 2PAK TO-220 TO-220 FullPAK





































R DS(on) [mΩ] ThinPAK 8x8 TO-247









210/190 IPL65R210CFD IPW65R190CFD
165/150 IPL65R165CFD IPW65R150CFD
110   IPW65R110CFD
80   IPW65R080CFD*
41   IPW65R041CFD






*Evaluation board available:  ZVS phase shift full-bridge

Perfect match!

EiceDRIVER™ 1EDN and 2EDN gate driver for MOSFETs

Product Brief

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786 KB 01 May 2014

Product Brochure

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907 KB 08 May 2015 02_00
1.5 MB 09 Jun 2016 06_16

Product Selection Guide

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1.9 MB 03 May 2013 01_00
3.5 MB 15 May 2017 01_00

Application Notes

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1.3 MB 01 Feb 2011 01_00
2 MB 01 Dec 2016 01_00
1 MB 01 Nov 2012 01_00
2.1 MB 02 Jul 2013 01_00
880 KB 14 Aug 2014 01_00
7 MB 25 Jun 2015 01_00
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993 KB 01 Apr 2008 01_00
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Application Brief

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Application Brochure

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491 KB 01 Jan 2011
1.3 MB 12 Apr 2017 01_00

Additional Product Information

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40 KB 21 Jun 2016 01_00
150 KB 01 Feb 2011
72 KB 01 Feb 2011

Evaluation Boards

Board Family Description Status
EVAL_2KW_ZVS_FB_CFD2 Gate Driver, MOSFET 2kW DCDC/ZVS full bridge stage 380/48 VDC, 96.6% peak efficiency
  • 2EDN7524F
  • IPP110N20N3 G
  • IPW65R080CFD
active and preferred

Simulation Models

Title Size Date Version
669 KB 14 Mar 2014 02_00


CoolMOS™ CFD2 – the optimum solution for resonant topologies

CoolMOS™ CFD2 – the optimum solution for resonant topologies

CoolMOS™ CFD2 is second generation of Infineon’s CoolMOS™ technology with integrated fast body diode optimized for resonant topologies. Resonant topologies are widely used in applications such as server, telecom, HID lighting and solar inverters.

Length 3:08


Efficiency in Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)

Efficiency in switch mode power supplies (SMPS)

Efficient energy conversion is vital for an environmentally-friendly electricity support. Infineon’s SMPS products are consequently optimized for the requirements of the next generation of highest efficient solutions and enable systems with best price/performance ratio for applications such as data centers, where energy efficiency becomes a more and more important factor.

Length 6:32
Switch Mode Power Supplies (LAB Session)

Switch mode power supplies (lab session)

 This lab session features a ZVS (zero voltage switching) phaseshift topology, a very important application of Infineon`s CoolMOS™ and OptiMOS™ families, which is widely used in high performance DC-DC converter stages, server and telecom SMPS . Infineon experts are showing details of this topology, which integrates a CoolMOS™ CFD2 and an OptiMOS™ device, and thus achieves zero voltage switching at very load light load.

Length 3:42

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