DrMOS Integrated Power Stages

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DrMOS 5x5 and DrMOS 4x4





DrMOS 4x4  integrated power stage

Infineon's DrMOS integrated power stage, packaged in a very small 4.0x4.0x1.0mm³ PQFN envelope, is offering best-in-class efficiency and very low power loss. Infineon can deliver these benefits by combining its latest generation 25V OptiMOS™ 5 power MOSFET technologies with its proven MOSFET driver silicon. A significant reduction of switching losses enables superior efficiency at higher switching frequencies. Higher switching frequency operation, combined with an extremely small package, enables system designers to save board space and still deliver superior performance.


Product portfolio DrMOS 4x4 integrated power stage

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Product Package Maximum average current [A]
TDA21240 PG-IQFN-30-2 (4x4x1 m 3) 40
TDA21241 PG-IQFN-30-2 (4x4x1 m 3) 35
TDA21242 PG-IQFN-30-2 (4x4x1 m 3) 25


DrMOS 5x5 integrated power stage

DrMOS 5x5 is an integrated power stage for high performance DC-DC voltage regulation solutions, comprising Infineon’s driver and OptiMOS™ 5 25V power MOSFET technologies in a 5.0x5.0x0.8mm 3 package. It utilizes low-side source-down technique, enabling a big PGND pad for improved thermal coupling to the PCB.


Product portfolio DrMOS 5x5 integrated power stage

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Product Type Part no./Product Name Max. Phases/Rail Package
Power stage
(driver + MOSFETs)
TDA21231 DrMOS 5x5 - 5.0x5.0mm² PG-IQFN-31
Digital VR Controller PX7247/PX7241
6.0x6.0mm² VQFN 48pin
5.0x5.0mm² VQFN 40pin


DrMOS integrated power stage

The Intel compliant DrMOS integrated power stage  TDA21220 from Infineon incloses a power MOSFET and a driver in one package. DrMOS is optimized for synchronous buck-step down voltage applications.

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DrMOS 4x4

Features Benefits Applications
  • Small 4.0x4.0x1.0mm³ PQFN package
  • Fast switching technology for improved performance at high switching frequency (>500kHz)
  • Recommended input voltage 4.5V to 16V
  • Undervoltage lockout
  • Shoot through protection
  • 5V driver voltage optimized
  • Compatible with standard 3.3V PWM
  • Peak efficiency >94%
  • Integrated bootstrap diode (no need of external diode)
  • Thermal warning
  • Remote driver disable function
  • Notebook, desktop and server VR buck converter
  • Single-phase and multi-phase POL
  • CPU/GPU regulation in notebook, desktop graphics cards


DrMOS 5x5

Features Benefits Applications
  • Recommended input voltage +4.5V to +16V
  • Low-side source-down for lowest parasitics and max. performance
  • Fast switching technology for 500kHz to 1MHz high-switching frequencies
  • >95% peak efficiency
  • Thermal warning
  • Remote Driver disable function
  • Integrated bootstrap diode (no need of ext. diode) with refresh circuit
  • Desktop and Server VR Buck Converter
  • Single-phase and multiphase POL
  • CPU/GPU Regulation in
  • Notebook, Desktop Graphics Cards, DDR Memory, Graphic Memory
  • High Power Density VRM



Input voltage range 5V...16V
SMOD function supported
Thermal warning/shutdown -
Max average load current 50A
MOSFET breakdown voltage 25V
PWM levels compatible +3.3V / +5V (tolerant)
Shoot through protection included

Product Selection Guide

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Product Brief

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Application Brochure

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Additional Product Information

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530 KB 08 May 2013
Integrated Power Stages for High Performance DC/DC VR Solutions Featuring DrMOS 5x5

Integrated Power Stages for High Performance DC/DC VR Solutions Featuring DrMOS 5x5

This Video offers an overview on Infineon’s system solution portfolio for DCDC applications such as integrated power stages, Primarion digital controllers etc. You will learn more about the new DrMOS 5x5 features and understand the customer benefits provided by DrMOS 5x5.

Length 4:06
Introduction OptiMOS™ 5 25 V and 30 V

Introduction OptiMOS™ 5 25 V and 30 V

This video gives an introduction to the OptiMOS™ 5 25 V and 30 V product family. The OptiMOS™ 5 25V and 30V product family is based on a new silicon technology, targeted at DC/DC Voltage Regulation applications in the Computing industry, such as Server, Datacom and Client, as well as Or-ing and E-fuse, and wherever high frequent, high power density voltage regulators are needed. 

Length 4:52

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