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New! CoolMOS™ P7 and CoolMOS™ CE in SOT-223 package

Cost-effective drop-in replacement for DPAK

Infineon provides the first complete high voltage MOSFET portfolio in a SOT-223 package worldwide to reduce the overall bill of material (BOM). The new CoolMOS™ P7 and the CoolMOS™ CE series are available in 500V, 600V, 650V, 700V or 800V in the cost-effective SOT-223 package which fits to common DPAK properties. 



SOT-223 package footprint

The SOT-223 package without the middle pin is fully compatible to the footprint of a DPAK and therefore allows a one-to-one drop-in replacement and second sourcing at lower cost.


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Thermal behavior similar to DPAK

The thermal behavior of the SOT-223 depends on the layout of the board and on the power consumed. We have measured the thermals in a test environment and compared with a simulation.


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  • ~2°C–3°C temperature increase on DPAK footprint as DPAK
  • Same temperature on footprint of DPAK + 20mm additional copper area
  • 10°C temperature increase on SOT-223 footprint

The thermal measurements in several applications were confirmed by simulation with T ambient = 70°C and P loss = 250mW. The simulations confirm that on a DPAK footprint a 2°C–3°C temperature increase versus DPAK is expected, while for the copper areas of 20mm additional copper the temperature is equal to the DPAK temperature.


Please click the following links to learn more about these product series:

New! CoolMOS™ P7 in SOT-223


CoolMOS™ CE in






NEW! 600V/700V/800V CoolMOS™ P7 in SOT-223

Combining excellent performance and ease-of-use with a cost-effective package solution



Having introduced the SOT-223 package with CoolMOS™ CE in 2016, Infineon is now enabling its customers to also enjoy the benefits of CoolMOS™ P7 in combination with the cost- effective drop-in replacement for DPAK. CoolMOS™ P7 is designed to address typical challenges in the low power SMPS market, by offering excellent performance and ease-of-use, enabling improved form factors and price competitiveness. This combination makes CoolMOS™ P7 in SOT-223 a perfect fit for the target applications – charger, adapter, TV SMPS and lighting SMPS.


Key features and benefits of CoolMOS™ P7 in SOT-223

Best-fit performance 
superjunction technology

Cost-effective package

price/performance ratio

  • Enabling lower MOSFET chip temperature
  • Leading to higher efficiency compared to previous technologies
  • Allowing improved form factors and slim designs
  • Drop-in replacement for DPAK at competitive cost
  • Space savings in designs with low power dissipation; enabling smaller form factors
  • Comparable thermal behavior to DPAK
  • Attractive price position for high performance technology


Target applications of CoolMOS™ P7 in SOT-223:



Product portfolio CoolMOS™ P7 in SOT-223 package

700V and 800V CoolMOS™ P7 are optimized for flyback topologies. 600V CoolMOS™ P7 is suitable for hard as well as so switching topologies (Flyback, PFC and LLC).

R DS(on) [mΩ] Standard grade  Industrial grade
600V 700V 800V
4500     IPN80R4K5P7
3300       IPN80R3K3P7*
2400       IPN80R2K4P7*
2000     IPN70R2K0P7S* IPN80R2K0P7
1400   IPN70R1K4P7S IPN80R1K4P7
1200     IPN70R1K2P7S*   IPN80R1K2P7*
900   IPN70R900P7S IPN80R900P7
750     IPN70R750P7S*   IPN80R750P7*
600 IPN60R600P7S IPN70R600P7S   IPN80R600P7*
450     IPN70R450P7S*  
360 IPN60R360P7S IPN70R360P7S  

*coming soon



500V/600V/650V/700V CoolMOS™ CE in SOT-223



Infineon’s SOT-223 package was first introduced in 2016 with the CoolMOS™ CE series and is specifically targeting mobile charger applications and the decreasing power ratings of LED lighting applications. The SOT-223 package is a cost effective alternative to DPAK that also enables footprint reduction in some designs. The package can be placed on a typical DPAK footprint and comes with only a small compromise in thermal behavior. 

Key features and benefits:


Target applications:

  • High efficiency and good EMI behavior

  • No major disadvantage in thermals

  • Reduced bill of material (BOM) cost

  • Space savings in compact designs  and improved form factors



Product portfolio CoolMOS™ CE in SOT-223 package

Click on a product type to learn more, download datasheet and order

  Standard grade
 R DS(on)[mΩ]  500V 600V   650V  700V
 3400   IPN60R3K4CE*  


 3000 IPN50R3K0CE    


 2000/2100 IPN50R2K0CE IPN60R2K1CE  


 1400/1500 IPN50R1K4CE IPN60R1K5CE IPN65R1K5CE


 950/1000 IPN50R950CE IPN60R1K0CE  


 800 IPN50R800CE      
 650 IPN50R650CE      

*Evaluation board available:  Single End Cap T8 LED lamp drive board


Evaluation board available

Single End Cap T8 LED lamp drive board  


High line input, 16W/66V output converter with 600V CoolMOS™ CE

Ordering code: EVAL_16W_66V_BCK_CE

>Learn more and download application note

EVAL 16W 66V BCK CE front

Learn more about the complete P7 family

Watch Videos!








Product Brief

Title Size Date Version
350 KB 18 Aug 2017 01_00
388 KB 18 Apr 2017 01_00
972 KB 01 Jun 2012
332 KB 19 Apr 2017 01_00

Product Brochure

Title Size Date Version
1.2 MB 31 Oct 2016 01_00
2.7 MB 27 Apr 2017 02_00
1.5 MB 09 Jun 2016 06_16

Product Selection Guide

Title Size Date Version
22.2 MB 21 Feb 2017 00_00
521 KB 10 Oct 2016 01_00
310 KB 10 Oct 2016 01_00
3.5 MB 15 May 2017 01_00

Application Notes

Title Size Date Version
1.1 MB 22 Aug 2017 01_00
1.2 MB 21 Jun 2016 01_00
4.8 MB 09 Nov 2016 01_00
1.1 MB 25 Oct 2016 01_01
773 KB 24 Feb 2016 01_00
1.2 MB 01 Jun 2012 01_00
701 KB 30 Nov 2015 01_00
2 MB 01 Dec 2016 01_00
1 MB 01 Nov 2012 01_00
880 KB 14 Aug 2014 01_00
7 MB 25 Jun 2015 01_00
1.5 MB 07 Nov 2016 02_00

Additional Product Information

Title Size Date Version
133 KB 22 Aug 2017 01_00
233 KB 11 Mar 2016 01_00
231 KB 11 Mar 2016 01_00


Title Size Date Version
1.3 MB 12 Apr 2017 01_00
923 KB 12 Apr 2017 01_00

Application Brochure

Title Size Date Version
199 KB 18 Sep 2017 02_00


Title Size Date Version
2.6 MB 04 Nov 2016 01_00
3.2 MB 04 Nov 2016 01_00
2.1 MB 04 Nov 2016 01_00
2.5 MB 04 Nov 2016 01_00
1.7 MB 04 Nov 2016 01_00

Evaluation Boards

Board Family Description Status
EVAL_16W_66V_BCK_CE LED Driver & Ballast Controller, MOSFET 16W adapter demo board for Lighting applications
  • ICL8201
  • IPN60R3K4CE

CoolMOS™ P7 in SOT-223 - combining performance and ease of use with a cost-effective package solution

CoolMOS™ P7 in SOT-223 package is Infineon’s contribution to the design of competitive products that match the increasing demand for light and slim low power SMPS designs, such as slim notebook adaptors.


CoolMOS™ P7 in SOT-223 - designed for competitiveness in the low power SMPS market

CoolMOS™ P7 in SOT-223 package offers excellent performance and ease-of-use, allowing designers to take advantage of a high performance superjunction MOSFET technology and a cost-effective package solution supporting slim designs and improved form factors.



eLearning CoolMOS™ P7 in SOT-223

This elearning provides all details about the features and benefits of CoolMOS™ P7 power MOSFET family in SOT-223 and its suitability for low power SMPS. The P7 family is targeting charger, adapter, TV SMPS and lighting SMPS applications.


eLearning CoolMOS™ P7 in SOT-223 - Korean

이 교육에서 CoolMOS™ P7 슈퍼정션 테크놀로지의 특징 및 이점에 대한 자세한 내용 및 충전기, 아답터, TV SMPS그리고 조명 SMPS와 같은 저전력 SMPS 마켓의 적합성에 대해 확인하실 수 있습니다.


  Video Korean P7 SOT-223  

CoolMOS™ P7 in SOT-223 - 저전력 SMPS 마켓에서 경쟁력 있는 솔루션

CoolMOS™ P7 in SOT-223 은 설계자들에게 슈퍼정션모스펫기술의 높은 성능과 슬림한 디자인과 폼팩터를 개선시킬 수 있는 경쟁력 있는 가격의 패키지의 이점을 취함으로써 뛰어난 성능과 사용편리성을 제공합니다.



CoolMOS™ P7 in SOT-223 – 가격경쟁력있는 패키지솔루션안에 성능과 사용편리성의 조합

CoolMOS™ P7 in SOT-223 은 슬림한 노트북 아답터와 같이 가볍고 슬림한 저전력 SMPS설계에 부합하면서 경쟁력을 갖기 위해 인피니언이 만든 최신 제품입니다.


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