Inventek Systems is a USA-based, full-service wireless solutions provider focused on embedded 802.11 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS modules. Inventek supplies WICED compatible modules and also augments the WICED platform by adding an easy-to-use AT Command software called IWIN. This family of WICED compatible serial-to-WiFi modules is caller the eS-WiFi family.

AT Commands from a host microcomputer are sent to the eS-WiFi module through the UART, SPI or USB interface. Inventek's modules can be programmed with either WICED firmware or the IWIN AT Command firmware.

Inventek ISMART shields are easy-to-use solutions that can interfaces with a variety of microcontrollers and sample projects are available on how to setup and use the IWN AT command software running on Infineon PSoC 4 and other microcontrollers.