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blixt: empowering the electric evolution

Blixt’s mission is to enable full software control of electricity, using solid state technology. The first two innovations, developed solely by Blixt, embrace both current and voltage control. The company holds +30 patent applications in the field of solid state circuit breakers, voltage conversion and battery technology.

Caaresys: contactless vehicle passenger monitoring system based on radar

Caaresys is a startup from Israel that develops contactless passenger monitoring systems to increase the safety and comfort of all passengers in the car (driver well-being, occupancy & forgotten child detection). In this podcast, we talk about our cooperation and the emerging application of in-cabin sensing.

Tributech: Turning data into reliable facts

Infineon is working with the startup Tributech from Austria. The company's vision is to turn data into reliable facts. For this purpose, the company offers its customers a so-called "data monetization service". In this podcast Infineon's Startup Cooperation Manager Lamin Ben-Hamdane talks about the cooperation with Tributech CEO Thomas Plank and Infineon Partnership Manager Inka Poppeck.

Blumio: Innovation in health tech

Blumio is a health-tech startup from Sillicon Valley, which develops a special radar based sensor to measure blood pressure. In this podcast Lamin Ben-Hamdane, Infineon's Startup Cooperation Manager is talking to Catherine Liao, Co-Founder and CEO of Blumio about the cooperation with Infineon.