Better conference experience with Sugr's new solution enabled by Infineon XENSIV™ MEMS microphones

Sugr, our Amazon-Voice-Service (AVS) certified and associated partner, specializes in sound technology and high-definition streaming audio systems. Based in Shenzhen, Sugr provides multiple services related to voice-user-interface (VUI) modules, including acoustic design, algorithm/software development, and system integration.

With the recent increased popularity of teleconferencing, Sugr's new solution, VoiceZoom™, was created to enhance people's conferencing experiences, regardless of the user's location.

VoiceZoom™ is an industry-leading voice enhancement module with Sugr Noise Reduction DSP and Infineon XENSIV™ IM69D130 MEMS microphone. The solution available in 2/4/6/8/12 arrays provides a novel dual-pipe architecture, enabling simultaneous processing for speech recognition and voice communications.

Infineon's high-SNR XENSIV™ MEMS microphone combined with Sugr's Blind Source Separation algorithm enables 360 degrees and up to 8 meters voice pick-up coverage. Additionally, the solution has a low to 4ms algorithm latency with DOA precision of 15 degrees by distraction-free noise reduction and reverberation removal.

Sugr's CEO Sean Song commented on the collaboration with Infineon: "Sugr and Infineon share similar missions on building a better future technologically, economically. While Infineon aims to make life easier, safer and greener, Sugr's mission is to make life better and smarter by enabling the hearing and speaking ability on everything around us. We are honored to be Infineon's partner. We jointly serve top-tier brands in this partnership and connect with potential customers globally. Over the years, we help customers successfully designing and improving smart home IoT products together."

"We believe as our partnership develops further, we can discover exciting innovations and even more combinations for microelectronics and voice technology."

VoiceZoom™ meets Skype performance standards and gained certifications from certain European carriers. It can be integrated into smart conference systems: From portable personal Bluetooth conference speakers to professional voice/video conference systems.