“Infineon Inside” Partners for MEMS Sensors

Discover Infineon’s extensive network of global partners with a comprehensive portfolio of Infineon inside MEMS microphones and pressure sensors

Infineon’s global network of packaging partners provide an extensive portfolio of MEMS microphones and pressure sensors based on Infineon XENSIVTM MEMS and ASICs. With this initiative, we have invited our bare die packaging partners to join us in our goal to provide a new form of transparency & experience to our customers.

From now on, customers will have an overview of different offerings of our packaging partners that include our XENSIVTM MEMS and ASIC bare dies. For MEMS microphones, this concludes to an extensive and diverse product portfolio from Goertek, BSE, Gettop, Merry, and Partron. For pressure sensor, the product overview includes offerings from Goertek and Luqin.

As a result, customers will benefit from being able to choose according to their specific needs from the full portfolio of Infineon-based MEMS microphones and pressure sensors, from highest performance to cost-performance optimized solutions with various interfaces, module variants and regional representation, all with the Infineon chipset quality.

Similarly, our bare die packaging partners will benefit from the promotion of their products via the Infineon sales channels with additional customer access to worldwide customer base with all applications and use cases.

Two comprehensive tables list the aforementioned packaging partners and a selection of their MEMS microphones and pressure sensors with Infineon components, including all relevant information & purchase links for target applications.

To learn more about our Infineon inside partners, we welcome you to visit our Infineon inside MEMS microphone partner page and Infineon inside pressure sensor partner page.