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Infineon and Aspinity partner to speed development of battery-operated always-on sensing products

Infineon Technologies and Aspinity, a pioneer in power-efficient analog edge processing, have joined forces to accelerate the development of longer lasting battery powered intelligent sensing products for consumer, Smart Home and Internet of Things (IoT) products.

Aspinity's solution: Reconfigurable Analog Modular Processing IC

Thanks to the combination of Aspinity’s Reconfigurable Analog Modular Processing (RAMP), the world’s first compact, ultra-low-power, analog machine learning chip, along with Infineon’s high-performance XENSIV™ family of sensors, which empower customers to build more intelligence into their designs.

Aspinity’s RAMP IC analyzes analog sensor data at the start of the signal chain to filter out relevant data from Infineon’s XENSIV™ MEMS sensors, which in turn deliver exceptional accuracy and best-in class measurement performance. Unlike other always-on systems, which consume more power digitizing all of the data, the RAMP chip analyzes only the most relevant data and thereby eliminates power inefficiencies.

The RAMP chip along with XENSIV™ sensors can be easily programmed for application-specific inferencing, providing designers a whole new power-efficient architecture. This new architecture significantly speeds-up the product development for battery powered edge devices that continuously monitor sensor data from their environment without compromising the product’s life cycle.


For additional information on this innovative solution, reach out to David Jones Head of Marketing & Business Development at Infineon Technologies:

David Jones