Advanced TeleSensors & Infineon present

contactless health monitor system based on XENSIV™ 24 GHz radar chip

Advanced TeleSensors (ATS) designs no-contact health monitors that capture cardiac-respiratory vital signs using patented RF radar technology. The company’s flagship product – Cardi/o® – utilizes Infineon’s 24 GHz radar IC BGT24LTR11 to capture heart rate, respiratory rate, heart rate variability, and motion with NO WEARABLE device or ECG attached to the body.

Cardi/o® continuously measures micro-vibrations of the body’s cardiac-respiratory system and transmits data via the cloud in real-time. The 30° field of view (FoV) of a single monitor can cover an entire room up to 10 feet wide with option to cover larger areas via add-on monitors. Thousands of rooms can be serviced via the HIPAA-compliant cloud platform which can serve 95% of seniors who are not using wearable healthtech today.

Read the White Paper here on how Cardi/o® drives value-based care in Assisted Living (Al) communities by enabling Providers to enhance services while achieving cost-saving efficiencies.

The novel technology was invented by Caltech scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. Cardi/o® by Advanced Telesensors is based in Austin, Texas.