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Mixed Mode provided services:

Mixed Mode operates in the following industries – Industrial, Automotive & Transport, Telecommunication, Aerospace, Semiconductor, Medical, Energy & Facility Systems – and provides “Time & Material” and “working package” oriented project support as well as supporting customer projects in Embedded & Software Engineering and Consulting (for trainings offerings see Mixed Mode’s “Expert Session” Catalogue).

  • Software design, architecture, modeling and implementation
  • Testing (Unit-, Integration-, Software-in-the-Loop, Hardware-in-the-Loop)

General topics:

  • Project setup
  • MCAL integration
  • AUTOSAR configuration
  • Compiler, Tooling support

In-depth topics:

  • HSM software development
  • Secure/Trusted Boot
  • Device Firmware Update
  • Erika OS/FreeRTOS
  • AURIX™ 1G/2G peripheral support
  • Motor Control with AURIX™
  • Secure Onboard Communication